The high pressure ball press is mainly composed of : motor , hard tooth surface double shaft reducer , elastic coupling , gear coupling , main machine , pre-press , hydraulic station , electric control system and so on .

Briquetting Machine Structure

1、Transmission system: The motor-elastic coupling-hard-tooth double-shaft reducer-gear coupling is driven by two pressure rollers .

2、 The host: The main machine are mainly composed of press roller assembly , frame , oil cylinder and roll gap adjusting device .

3、 Press roller assembly: Pressure roller material : GCr15SiMn , the surface hardness after final heat treatment is not lower than HRC58-62 . The pressure roller assembly adopts one end fixed end one swimming structure .

4、The rack: The frame is composed of upper beam , lower beam and supporting to beam , all of which adopt welded structure and have large bearing capacity . Finishing on all sides with all racks

5、 Pre-press: The pre-pressing machine is mainly composed of a motor , a reducer , a cone , a pre-pressing spiral , a guiding nozzle , and the like . Pre-compressed motor is a speed-regulating motor for stepless speed regulation . Pre-pressed spirals working surface surfacing welding wear-resistant alloy electrode . There is a reliable sealing between the guide part of the pre-press and the two sides of the press roller to ensure that the material enters between the press rolls .