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Two classification of pressure ball machine

Date:2015-01-19 11:25:41Posted by:Zhongyuan Machinery
At present, the majority of enterprise application briquette ball press machine is divided into two categories, one category is the briquette molding machine, another kind is the coal rod machine. In the two categories of pressure ball machine, according to the shape and specifications of briquette is divided into many varieties.
Types and classification of pressure ball machine:


1 according to the classification of coals in the molding pressure, generally can be divided into: low voltage (line pressure ratio 0.3-0.8t/cm), medium pressure, high pressure than the pressure 1-2t/cm (line (line pressure ratio 2-4t/cm) three categories.

2 according to the briquette shape classification, can be divided into: round, oval, square, drop shape, 8 shape, the pillow shaped, egg shaped, almond shaped column.

3 according to the briquettes scale to the division, such as round briquette ball size in general diameter of 30 to 50mm in diameter, the largest ball diameter: diameter 60mm, thickness of 25-32mm, the other shape briquette specifications, mainly according to the user need, this will not repeat them.

4 also according to the forming machine production capacity of a single machine to divide the type, forming roller diameter and width of roller pressure ball machine specification is the major factor that determines the production capacity.

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