The high pressure ball press is mainly composed of : motor , hard tooth surface double shaft reducer , elastic coupling , gear coupling , main machine , pre-press , hydraulic station , electric control system and so on .

Briquetting Machine Structure

1、Transmission system: The motor-elastic coupling-hard-tooth double-shaft reducer-gear coupling is driven by two pressure rollers .

2、 The host: The main machine are mainly composed of press roller assembly , frame , oil cylinder and roll gap adjusting device .

3、 Press roller assembly: Pressure roller material : GCr15SiMn , the surface hardness after final heat treatment is not lower than HRC58-62 . The pressure roller assembly adopts one end fixed end one swimming structure .

4、The rack: The frame is composed of upper beam , lower beam and supporting to beam , all of which adopt welded structure and have large bearing capacity . Finishing on all sides with all racks

5、 Pre-press: The pre-pressing machine is mainly composed of a motor , a reducer , a cone , a pre-pressing spiral , a guiding nozzle , and the like . Pre-compressed motor is a speed-regulating motor for stepless speed regulation . Pre-pressed spirals working surface surfacing welding wear-resistant alloy electrode . There is a reliable sealing between the guide part of the pre-press and the two sides of the press roller to ensure that the material enters between the press rolls .

The mine powder ball press equipment is a kind of mechanical equipment that can press and press the powder material through high pressure to roll extrusion, and can also be equipped with hydraulic equipment.

Mineral powder ball press equipment can be used to suppress various mineral powder, iron powder, iron ore powder, iron oxide scale, fluorite powder, manganese ore powder, dust ash, aluminum ash, aluminum powder, coal powder, coal slurry, coal slag, aluminum powder, Gypsum, coke powder, carbon powder, sludge, lime, refractory materials and other mineral powders and chemical materials powder, widely used in coal briquettes, steel plants, power plants, chemical plants, cement plants and other enterprises and metallurgical, chemical, energy , heating and other industries.

The finished product pressed by the mineral powder ball machine can be made into a circular shape, an elliptical shape, an oblate shape, a pincushion shape, a square shape, etc., and can also be customized according to user requirements. The material after pressing and forming by the powder ball press equipment is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, easy to transport, improves the utilization rate of waste, and has good economic and social benefits.

The existing powder ball press equipment has been widely used in large and medium-sized enterprises all over the world, such as Shandong Laiwu Steel Plant, Shanxi Datong Coal Industry Group, Oman Sohar Steel Plant, American Michiga n University of Technology, Australian Coal Mine Co., Ltd., UK Large and medium-sized domestic and foreign markets such as UKstickltd in Northern Ireland not only save a lot of resource consumption and economic cost for enterprises, but also play an important role in the development of circular economy in the country. It is a good energy-saving and environmental protection equipment.

Luoyang Zhongyuan Mining Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a production of ball pressure equipment, grinding equipment, crushing equipment, innovative enterprise integrating R & D, production, sales as one of the. The company is headquartered in Luoyang City, Luo new industrial park, covers an area of about more than 30000 square meters, under the jurisdiction of a plurality of subsidiary company. Company’s existing 2 doctors, MBA senior management personnel 3 people, senior technical staff of 15 people, more than 200 employees. Since its establishment in 1986, the company uphold the scientific management method of modern enterprises, precision manufacturing, continuous innovation, rapid development has become a shining pearl of mining machinery in the manufacturing industry of china.

In the process of the production of high-grade magnesia, ball pressure process is a very important part of the material. It has a great influence on the bulk density and the compressive strength of the ball, directly determines the quality of calcined magnesia. Therefore, the introduction of a high pressure ball machine is a must.

This machine adopts mechanical pressure adding powdered raw materials into desired pellet compression. It has two opposite to the rotating direction and speed the same diameter roller, wherein a roller position is fixed, another roll can be adjusted by hydraulic piston to pressure for horizontal movement. In the external surface of the two roller on T are correspondingly provided with spherical groove material is located at two above the middle line of the spiral feeder roller forced into the two rollers, two roller by the rotation of the pellet falls to compress it into material pile feeding belt in the lower discharge. Drive system pressure ball machine is divided into host, feeder, hydraulic device three parts.

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