Our employees are vital to the success and growth of our company.

ZY Mining aims to provide an inspiring and enriching work and career environment that provides diverse opportunities for personal growth and development in a global, multi-cultural and multi-disciplined organization.

Passion, Expertise and Trust

Success of the company is based on strong sense of togetherness and ambition.

  • Our employees are characterized by possessing outstanding technical and management expertise in the discipline in which they operate.

  • A strong focus on the customer, a passion for innovation and an ability to be flexible and adapt to change.

  • By leveraging our employees’ different expertise and varied operating experiences, we are able to successfully execute projects all over the world.

  • Furthermore, by supervising every stage of professional growth and providing on-going knowledge and skills training, ZY Mining guarantees the expertise and competence of its people and safeguards the highest quality standards.


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