Four Teeth-Roller Crusher

Four-teeth roller crusher

Applied Materials

Non-metallic materials with a compressive strength of 50-110MPa in metallurgy, chemical, mining, building materials and other industries. Clean coal, lignite, and various types of raw coal with a coal gangue content of not more than 70%

Product advantages

High efficiency, safety, energy saving, environmental protection and large crushing ratio, power plant models ensure that more than 90% of the output particle size is less than 10mm, alloy steel tooth plate, surface covered with surfacing wear-resistant layer, to ensure 6000 hours of ultra-long life, discharge The granularity is adjustable, the floor space is small, and the maintenance is simple.

Introduction of four teeth-roller crush

4PCD four-tooth roller crusher (adjustable tooth center distance) is a series of crushing equipment designed and developed by our company for the fluidized bed boiler power plant and washing plant. It can be used in metallurgy, chemical, mining, building materials and other industries. Non-metallic materials with a compressive strength of 50-110 MPa. It is especially suitable for all kinds of raw coal suitable for crushing clean coal, lignite and coal gangue not exceeding 70%.

Advantages of four teeth-roller crush

1. Efficient, safe, energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and the crushing ratio is large;

2. The special model of the power plant ensures that the discharge granularity <10mm accounts for more than 90%; 3. The equipment rack is a quick-disconnect structure box-type welding, which effectively reduces maintenance costs; 4. Alloy steel material tooth plate, the surface covered with surfacing wear layer, to ensure long life of 6000 hours; 5. plate embedded split can greatly reduce replacement time; 6. Less noise, less vibration, dust, low power consumption, adjustable discharge size, small footprint, and simple maintenance; 7. hydraulic automatic retracting device debris removing prevent damage non-ferrous alloy block hard rock toothed roller wooden flexible object normal operation roller.