High-Pressure Grinding Rolls

High-Pressure Grinding Rolls

Applied Materials

Non-ferrous metal ore such as bauxite, iron ore, iron powder and finely crushed cement raw materials, clinker, blast furnace slag, limestone and other materials in the ore industry

Product advantages

This product has low energy consumption and low pollution. It is a product series that responds to home energy saving and emission reduction, low carbon and environmental protection. This product is equipped with a sealed roller cover, which can strictly control the diffusion of harmful dust and create an excellent production environment. In the process of the grinding system The use of a high-pressure roller mill in the process can improve the production efficiency of the entire system

High pressure grinding rolls(HPGR) introduction

GM series HPGR is composed of two squeezing rollers ,which are rotated in opposite direction but synchronously.The material is fed from the top of the rollers and enters into the gap between the rollers.The material would be crushed by the high pressure of rollers and discharged a a solid cake.Its mainly used for nonferrous metal ore such as bauxite,iron ore,fine iron and other materials such as fine crushing cement raw material, clinker,furnace slag and limestone.

In recent years,Luoyang Zhongyuan’s HPGRs have performed, quite well in metallurgy industry because of our good property and reasonable price.They are specially used in the process of mineral separation on iron ore,bauxite, and gold ore,which made us win a praise from our customers’ side.

Order notes

Please present the following clearly in contract such as material characteristics, requirements of material feeding and discharging, capacity;

The equipment is supplied as right-installed generally. Please specify in the contract if it needs to be assembled at left.

The standard configuration does not include the electric control system. Please specify in the contract if electric control system is needed.

Structure & Characteristics

HPGR structure

Main Part of HPGR


The main frame of the high-pressure grinding roll is a frame-combined structure with a beautiful appearance. It is formed by a combination of eight square beams up and down, front and back, and left and right. The connection is firm. A fixed bearing seat, a movable bearing seat and a cylinder are installed in the frame.

When disassembling, only the bolts in the frame are removed, and the upper beam can be removed, which is convenient for maintenance and replacement of spare parts.


Roller support

(1)Adjusting the radial clearance of double row spherical roller bearing by using hydraulic method. Before installation,the radical clearance shall be within the scope of 55-145 microns,and it would decrease 38-116 microns after installation.And ensure the minimum residual clearance is not less than 20 microns.Hydraulic method should also be used when bearing change.The above data is only applicable to model GM1000-500.

(2)Bearing outer ring axial clearance adjustment.There must be a certain axial clearance to ensure the bearing moved axial on the process of rollers thermal expansion.After setting down bearing radial clearance, can be used on both sides of the bearing pressure along the method to adjust at the same time, and the detect clearance is 0.5 mm(When the outer ring with a loose situation, it would also be allowed in the lateral accumulation setting).

(3)In order to prevent dust from entering the bearing,which would cause damage bearing. It is equipped with double dust-proof maze,bearing cavity spilled oil will fill the slots in a maze and have a better dust-proof effect.


Feeding device


stuffing protecting device


roller gap adiusting device

Rollers gap adjusting device can realize the adjustment of the roll gap within a certain range.Our general work rollers gap is 10 mm,which could also be adjusted according to the condition.At the same time,it could realize the rollers gap calibration by reducing the plate group when the rollers’ surface is worn.

Pulling out the moving roller opposite direction through manual control hydraulic system when adjusting. Then putting out the plates group and make a redistributioncombination,it would achieve the rollers gap adjustment.