Briquetting machine

GY high pressure briquetting machine is a kind of pelletizing machine which can feed various kinds of  dry and wet powder through the preliminary pessure device compulsorily into the roll press area and make into high bulk density ball.It is mainly applied in the coal, mining,metallurgy,fire-resistant materials,construction materials and other light metal industries.Our briquetting machines have been widely applied in China and abroad.

Since the first large high-pressure briquetting machine GY 750-300 was finished trial-manufacture in1989 ,We have formed three series, more than twenty models after mant tears of research,tests and improvements.The structure ,performance ,quality and service life of products have reached a world-advanced level.

We are also a manufacturing base in China that could provide you with various kinds and latest models of briquetting machines.



Super High Pressure Briquetting Machine

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High-Pressure Briquetting Machine

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Medium-Pressure Briquetting Machine

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Testing Briquette Machine

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Working Principle of Briquetting Machine

The materials are pressed into the pre- press device of the ball press with certain volume evenly when working, and the stable material position shall be kept in the pre-press device.

The pre-pressing spring in the device will force the materials into the inter-space between the double rollers, then the materials shall be pre-pressed and transited to the arch groove of the pair-rollers.

The roller pits with the same shape are distributed evenly on the rollersurface. The 2 pair-rollers shall rotate at constant speed reversely through engagement drive. The rollers will suck the materials at the entry into the groove and forcibly compress them.

With the continuous rotation of the pair-roller, the ball shall be taken off by the elastic force and gravity. The roller rotates to compress and form the materials periodically with the continuous operation of the motor to realize the batch production.

  • Main Features:
  • Applying high quality forging bearing alloy steel .We have strict quality control on macrostructure and microstructure after spheroidizing annealing;
  • We will entrust LYC to make a whole quencing after machining the roller shells.The surface hardness could be up to HRC58-62 after quencing;
  • Multiple falw detections would be made on the process of workblank,rough and finish machining to guarantee the high quality;
  • In conclusion,our roller shell has many advantages such as high hardness,good abrasion performance,long working life and stable operation.
  • Main Features:
  • Adopts spherical roller bearing with high carrying capacity;
  • Equipping with withdrawal sleeve for bearing by the method of hydraulic to make it easy for maintenence;
  • Using dual-sealing with maze and oil seal for bearing to guarantee safe and reliable;
  • Using roller core as a transition between roller shell and main shaft.This two interference fit makes the operation more stably.
  • Main Features:
  • The rack is a combined frame composed of 8 beams throughout by pin rolls.Top beam is connected by two cross beams,which make the rack more simple and safe.
  • This kind of structure could be repaired easily.The top beam could be removed when pulling off the pin rolls.
  • Main Features:
  • It is electromegnetic or variable frequency speed regulating motor.
  • It has been applied combined structure for wear parts,easy to remove and replace.
  • In order to improve the working life,the parts that easy to wear out are all welded with abrasion-resistant alloy.
  • It has been applied transmission support with thrust bearing under the shaft mounted turbine worm reducer,which make the operation more reliable.
  • The feeding nozzle equiped with advanced structure with favourable sealing.
  • Main Features:
  • Adopting the structure of dual-output shaft reducer,which use hard surface gear by fully-sealed drive.Compulsory lubrication would be applied through lubrication station.
  • Main Features:
  • Applying drum gear coupling to ensure the stability of high torque transmission.
  • Equipping with extended spindle to guarantee the roller angular;
  • Equipping with the radial alighment of ball slots to make the adjustment more safe and easier.



As we know, waste from production is a considerable cost factor for plants. Economic solutions are in demand for handling these materials derived from industries of coal, mining, metallurgy, fire-resistant materials, construction materials, and other light metal industries, etc.And ZHONGYUAN briquetting machines are the best answers.


ZHONGYUAN briquetting machine could be applied in the materials, such as Iron Fines,Aluminum Ash,Magnesium Powder,Quicklime,Bauxite,Laterite Ore,Dolomite,Fly Ash,Flourite Powder,Manganese,Nickel,Sodium-Cyanide,Magnesium Hydroxide,Activated Carbon, etc.

Iron Fines

Aluminum Ash

Magnesium Powder



Laterite Ore


Fly Ash

Fluorite Powder




Magnesium Hydroxide

Activated Carbon


All models can also be optimally integrated into your existing production line.

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quality materials

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