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Medium Pressure Briquette Machine
Medium Pressure Briquette Machine
Medium Pressure Briquette Machine
Medium Pressure Briquette Machine
Medium Pressure Briquette Machine
Medium Pressure Briquette Machine
Medium Pressure Briquette Machine
Medium Pressure Briquette Machine
Medium Pressure Briquette Machine
Medium Pressure Briquette Machine
Medium Pressure Briquette Machine

A medium-pressure briquette machine is a type of equipment designed to press various powdery materials into briquettes. Unlike super high-pressure briquetting machines, medium-pressure machines operate at lower pressures but are still capable of producing compact and durable briquettes. These machines are commonly used in various industries for processing materials like coal, charcoal, coke fines, mineral ores, and other powders.

Medium-pressure briquette machines find applications in industries such as coal mining, metallurgy, chemical processing, and biomass utilization. They are suitable for producing briquettes used in heating, industrial processes, and as fuel in various applications.

Medium Pressure Briquetting Machine Introduction

Technical Parameters

Order Notes

The medium pressure briquetting machine is a kind of ball pressing machine that can force the material into roller area to get high-bulk density briquettes. It is developed on the basis of the high-pressure briquetting machine, and adopts the transmission structure of the high- pressure one.It is mainly used for the materials which its line specific pressure is 1-3t/cm such as briquette, coking coal, formed coke and so on.

Advantages of Medium Pressure Briquetting Machine

► 1. Adopting the structure of dual-output shaft reducer instead of the traditional external gear transmission, which effectively improves the precision of the roller;

► 2. Using hard surface gear to improve the working performance and service life of reducer greatly;

► 3. Using the alignment structure of ball groove of high pressure briquetting machine, more convenient for adjustment;

► 4. Hydraulic station is placed independently with the function of pressure-adjusting and protective function when overloading.

Medium Pressure Briquette Machine Application

  • Coal Briquetting

Medium pressure briquette machines are frequently used in coal briquetting operations. They compress coal fines or coal powder into briquettes for use in industrial furnaces, boilers, and household stoves.

  • Charcoal Briquetting

These machines are employed in the production of charcoal briquettes from charcoal powder or charcoal fines. Charcoal briquettes are widely used for cooking and heating purposes.

  • Metal Powder Briquetting

Medium pressure briquette machines can be used to compact metal powders, such as iron powder, aluminum powder, copper powder, and other non-ferrous metal powders. This is often done to facilitate recycling and reduce transportation costs.

  • Ore Dust Briquetting

The machines can be applied to briquette ore dust or ore fines, improving the handling and transportation of these materials.

  • Chemical Salt Briquetting

Medium pressure briquette machines are used in the production of briquettes from chemical salts. These briquettes may serve various industrial purposes.

  • Refractory Material Briquetting:

Refractory materials, such as magnesia, bauxite, dolomite, and others, can be compacted into briquettes using medium pressure briquette machines. These briquettes may be used in various high-temperature industrial processes.

  • Biomass Briquetting

Some medium pressure briquette machines are designed to handle biomass materials, such as sawdust, crop residues, and agricultural wastes. The resulting briquettes can be used as a renewable fuel source.

  • Fertilizer Briquetting

Fertilizer components, such as phosphate rock, urea, and other powdered or granular fertilizers, can be processed into briquettes for ease of handling and application.

  • Coke Briquetting

Coke fines or coke powder from various industrial processes, including metallurgical processes, can be briquetted to improve handling and utilization.

  • Cement Briquetting (Fly Ash)

Medium pressure briquette machines can be used to briquette fly ash, a byproduct of coal combustion in thermal power plants. This helps in the utilization of fly ash in construction materials。

  • Waste Recycling

Medium pressure briquette machines can be utilized in recycling operations to compact various types of waste materials for easier handling and transport.

  • Chemical Industry

Certain chemical processes generate powders or fines that can be briquetted using medium pressure machines, facilitating their storage and transport.

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