Aluminum Carbonate briquetting

Aluminum carbonate is a powdery white small particle that is unstable and decomposes in water. Aluminum hydroxide and carbon dioxide react in a molten state to produce aluminum carbonate. Pressing the aluminum carbonate powder into a ball requires the use of a high pressure briquetting machine. The quality of the ball press made by ZY is reliable and is a good choice.

The important goal of the ball press ball is to suppress and shape various materials and press them into balls of various specifications to make the ball materials easy to store, carry and cast. For example, a briquette ball press can suppress coal powder into a ball. After molding, the strength is increased, the loading is not broken, and the boiler is not broken when it is burned, so that it will be greatly popularized. Another point is that the size of the ball socket and the depth of the ball socket determine the strength of the ball.

Any metallurgical industry waste, auxiliary materials need to be on the furnace, you need to press the ball machine to complete such as: Dedusting ash, pool mud, scale, steel slag, iron fine powder, aluminum ash powder, silico-manganese ore powder, etc. are mainly used for – ball making of colored and ferrous metal ore powder, directly into the furnace for smelting, and increasing added value.