Bucket Elevator

Applied Materials

Building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry, electric power, coal, grain, food and other industries have a bulk density of less than 2.0t/m³, easy-to-dig powdery, granular, and small lump-like low-abrasive materials.

Product Advantages

  • The casing steel plate is thicker and the rigidity is good.
  • The temperature of the conveyed material can reach 250℃.
  • The improved model can increase the conveying capacity by more than 30% compared with the ordinary model.
  • The low-alloy steel chain is carburized and quenched, which has high tensile strength and resistance.


The TH series are a kind of round-chain type bucket elevator, adopting mixing and gravity discharging and excavating charge;

The TP series are plate chain bucket elevator with discharging by gravity induction and feeding materials; the TD is belted bucket elevator adopting centrifugal discharging and excavating charge;

The HL series of bucket elevator is a kind of traditional lifting equipment with round chain as lifting part.

The series of bucket elevator are used to convey easy-excavating material that is powder, particle, and small block with its bulk density no more than 2.0t/m³ and low grinding property. Temperature of transited material cannot over 250℃ by the TH,TP,HL series of bucket elevator. Material temperature can’t be over 60℃ by the series of TD elevator. Temperature is allowed to 120℃ if heat-resistant adhesive tape was used. Please specify the product specification, form, material type and characteristics when placing order.


The steel plate of case is thickened with good rigidity; the temperature of transiting materials can reach 250℃; the upgrade conveying capacity is 30% higher than common type; Low alloy steel loop chain is carburized and quenched processing with great intensity of tension and wear-resisting property.