Gypsum Briquetting


The gypsum briquetting machine is mainly used for pressing desulfurized gypsum powder, and is used as a cement raw material after being pressed into a ball block. In recent years, it has been widely used. It is characterized by high molding pressure, easy mold release, high output and low energy consumption.

Desulfurization gypsum is an industrial by-product of the reaction of limestone powder and sulfur dioxide in flue gas desulfurization. The main component is calcium sulfate dihydrate, which is characterized by high purity, stable composition, small particle size, powdery, and about 12-17% of water. The particle size distribution is uniform, the gradation is poor, the standard thick water consumption is large, and a certain amount of calcium carbonate and more water-soluble salts are contained. According to the difference of the burning coal type and the dust removing effect of the flue gas, the desulfurized gypsum is in appearance. Presenting different colors, generally we are all grayish yellow or grayish white, and the high quality desulfurized gypsum is pure white.


ZY mining briquetting machine can press a variety of materials. Since each manufacturer’s materials vary according to the products they produce, it is important to ensure that your materials are within our material range. At the same time, we will show you the type of material that our briquetting press can suppress so you can choose.

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