Formed Coke Briquetting


The coke is made by pressurizing coal with pulverized coal and other coke materials, and then post-processing by carbonization. Some types of briquettes made by oxidative heat treatment or self-heat hardening are also called coke.

The raw materials are pulverized, ground, added with a binder, and then pressed into a semi-finished type of coke ball by a type of coke ball machine, and then carbonized to form a coke. The coke can be used as a block fuel and gasification raw material for industrial or civil use. Some coke can replace some conventional coke for smelting, chemical, boiler combustion, blast furnace ironmaking or cupola smelting, etc., and can replace coke. Compared with coke, coke has the advantages of low cost, easy processing and transportation.

Formed Coke Briquetting

The outstanding characteristics of the type of focus pressure ball machine:

1. Large block does not need to be crushed again;

2. The product has reduced impurities (the crushed material is large and wasteful during the crushing);

3. The original integral roller is now changed to a live roll skin, which reduces the cost in the roll change, and can meet the requirements of different shapes and sizes according to different needs of users.

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