• Mixing machine

Mixing Machine

Our company is mainly engaged in horizontal mixing equipment such as double-shaft mixer and intensive mixer, which is widely used in steel,coal, electric power, chemical industry and other industries. It is especially suitable for the mixing process at the front end of the briquetting equipment. It can fully mix all kinds of materials and binder, and the mixing effect is very excellent.

Mixing Equipment Expertise

Suitable for the most demanding of working environment and most intractable material

1.Continuous, stable and clear production.
2. Supplying customized mixing equipment and service.
3.The mixing division of Luoyang Zhongyuan Mining Machine Manufacture Co.,Ltd. designs, manufactures and sells mixing equipment for raw material-preparing, dispensing, handling solid waste and heels. It can operate continuously or in batch and can be widely used in these area such as building materials, metallurgy, chemical stoneware, solid waste disposal and environment protection.
4.We cooperate with all industries tightly and learn more practical experiences and theoretical knowledge to use in our products and make equipment more economic and reliable.
5.Our final target is not only to sell products, but also to provide users with solutions and ways to solver problems.

Application industry

Metallurgical industry

Metallurgical industry

1/ Oxide pellets/solvent pellets
2/ Raw material preparation of direct reduction iron(DRI)
3/ Treatment of converter residue, electnic fumace residue and iron dust
4/ Carbon-containing pellets preparation
5/ Raw material preparation of reclaimed copper

Building Materials Industry

Building Materials Industry

1/ Treatment of building material and tails
2/ Concrete and dry- -mixed mortar

Chemical industry

1/ Dry calcium carbide preparation
2/ Aluminum oxide industry
3/ Pigment and fuel
4/ High elasticity rubber
5/ AII kinds of solid objects and slurry
6/ binder preparation

Graphite carbon and coal industry

1/ Heating and mixing technology
2/ Kneading work
3/ Quality improvement of brown coal
4/ Coal briquette preparation

Casting and refractory material industry

Casting and refractory material industry

1/ Casting sand preparation
2/ Casting accessories
3/ Refractory mixing objects for Ladle
4/ Continuous casting powder
5/ Refractory compounds

 Ceramic industry

1/ Dry-mixing of all kinds of pigment
2/ Kneading of ceramic clay
3/ Polymerization
4/ Pulping

Battery industry

lead acid paste preparation

Environment protection industry

1/ Treatment of municipal waste
2/ Ardealite, red mud and acetylene sludge
3/ Treatment and building blocks of coal dust tailings
4/ Treatment of white clay- pulpified
5/ Treatment of coal slime


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