Cylindrical Mixer

Applied Materials

Powdery materials such as fine iron powder and coal powder in iron and steel plants

Product Advantages

  • The machine has many purposes such as raw material mixing, granulation, coal rolling.
  • The cylinder mixer is one of the important equipment in the sintering and pelletizing system.
  • The transmission structure of the cylinder mixer mainly includes gear transmission and rubber wheel transmission. kind.

Cylindrical mixer introduction

Cylindrical mixer is one of the important equipments in the system of sintering and pelletizing. Its transmission devices are mainly gear transmission and rubber wheel transmission. It has the following characters such as strong transmission torque and long service life when driving by gear and gear ring. Rubber tire transmission adopts solid or hollow tire which is stable with lower noises. However, rubber tire is wearing and needed to be replaced frequently. The device of Rubber tire transmission can be placed at middle or at the one of two sides according to the requirements of users.

To improve the effect of material-mixing, lifting blade could be installed inside of cylinder. Liner plate also could be added inside of cylinder based on the condition of material and user’s requirements to prevent material sticking and wearing. And there are many options on the material of liner plate such as metal, wear-resistant rubber, nylon, high polymer material.

Cylindrical mixer application

The equipment can be applied in many ways such as mixing materials, granulation, rolling coal and so on. It has been widely used in the mixing work of powder materials such as fine iron powder and pulverized coal before sintering in steel and iron plant.

Order notes

1.Please specify the material size, characteristics and moisture content;

2.Please specify the binder’s characteristics such as added volume, viscosity and density if there is binder;

3.Please mark the transmission structure and position and liner plate type clearly in the contract.