bauxite briquetting

Bauxite is mainly composed of alumina and is a hydrated alumina containing impurities and is a soil-like mineral. The ball press is an important molding equipment widely used in the processing of bauxite.

The bauxite briquetting machine is mainly used to suppress the fine powdery materials such as bauxite, dry powder binder and dry powder mixture. The equipment has strong sealing property and high pressure, and has good effect on some hard powders which are difficult to form. It can improve the comprehensive utilization rate of mineral resources such as bauxite, reduce the waste of resources and the abandonment of low-quality natural resources, and bring new benefits to enterprises related to bauxite.

The bauxite ball press is composed of the main parts of transmission system,  main frame, reducer, belt conveyor, pre-pressing device, pressure rollers, the hydraulic system and the electric control system. During operation, the bauxite is quantitatively and evenly fed to the pre-presser to maintain a stable level, and then the bauxite is forcibly pressed into the middle of the double rollers by the pre-pressing screw. Pre-compressed and delivered to the arced notchs of the two rollers. The roll surface is uniformly distributed with the same shape of socket, and the rollers rotate at a constant speed and in the opposite direction, and the bauxite conveyed to the notch bites into the groove and is forcibly compressed. As the roller continues to rotate, the bauxite is demolded under its elastic force and gravity.

The bauxite ball press is a machine that is divided according to the type of material. The pressing effect is very obvious,and high economic benefits can be obtained.

ZY Mining Briquetting Machine provide a better solution for your iron scrap, and the briquetting can double the value of your material compared to other methods, as it is more conducive to management, transportation, sales and recycling. The formed material after the ball press machine is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, easy to transport, improves the utilization rate of waste, and has good economic and social benefits.