The effect of bearings on the life of the ball press

As an important part of the ball press, the bearing is second only to the roll skin, and even more important than the roll skin in terms of long-term operation.

Whether the bearing selection is reasonable or not will have an impact on the assembly and production costs of workers and continuous running time.

For example, ordinary type coal ball presses generally use a 6-head flat bearing, which is a deep groove ball bearing that we usually call. This type of bearing assembly method is simple and the price is not high for ordinary type. The coal pressure ball machine is most suitable.

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For medium and high pressure ball presses machine, the load is too high, you can choose 2 types of bearings, such as 22318, both for self-aligning and carrying large loads, but the price is much higher than flat bearings.

For large-scale high-pressure dry powder ball presses, the running load is extremely large, and it is necessary to select three types of bearings, such as 352144. It belongs to the double row cylindrical roller bearing series, which can withstand radial load and axial load, and has good stability. The leather is durable, but the price is more expensive, and a set of bearings will cost more than 5,000. This type of bearing assembly is also cumbersome and requires thermal assembly.

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The above-mentioned three kinds of bearings, the same journal, there are several types of bearings that can be used. We have to choose the appropriate bearing according to the different running load of the ball press. If it is not properly selected, it may be mechanical. The operation is not normal, or the production cost of the machine is increased, resulting in a situation of spending money.

Whether the bearing selection is reasonable or not will directly affect the duration of continuous operation. Whether the bearing selection is reasonable or not, directly determines the operating life of the ball press.