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The reason why fluorite powder is difficult to press the ball

1. The first point is the roll skin, see if the roll skin is damaged, because if the roll skin is damaged, the joint of the two rolls will be very large, so that many raw materials can not be directly pressed into the ball, but directly After passing through the ball socket of the roller skin, it is rotated to the conveyor belt and directly conveyed out, which causes the globulin powder ball machine to have a low ball rate!

2. There is a gap between the two rollers of the ball press equipment. If there is a gap between the two rollers, that is, the raw material cannot be directly pressed out of the roller by pressing, so that the ball formation rate is almost zero.

roll skin

3. Whether the ball socket of the ball press roller is well connected, the two ball sockets must be aligned. If the ball socket is not completely aligned with the ball socket, but the position is wrong, then the ball you suppress will not be elliptical. , but two half-elliptical misalignment, which directly affects the strength of the finished ball.

If your fluorite powder press machine has the three conditions we mentioned above, we have to deal with these problems. First of all, the roll skin damage is the defective product of the ball press manufacturer. Only by ensuring the integrity and working performance of the equipment parts can the qualified finished product be produced. Fluorite powder ball press for the gap between the two sticks, you can adjust the bearings of the two rollers, adjust the distance between the two bearings to almost zero, but do not affect the normal operation of the roller, if If the two rollers are too crowded, the roller can't rotate, so the machine can't work normally, it will not only reduce the service life of the roller, but also affect the normal production. For the third case, adjust the roller bearing, but It is not the distance between the roller bearings, but the rotation of the two roller bearings. The ball sockets of the two rollers must be aligned. Otherwise, there will be a situation where the crack is not satisfactory, or the strength of the sphere is not reached.

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