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Economic benefits of desulfurization gypsum briquettes

Desulfurization gypsum is a waste material produced by thermal power plants in order to remove sulfur from coal briquettes. At least for thermal power plants, these desulfurization gypsums are useless and difficult to handle, occupying space and polluting the environment, and wasting resources. Modern we are able to deal with these abandoned resources, as the saying goes: "There is no real garbage, only the resources of the wrong place." Today, desulfurization gypsum briquetting equipment can effectively solve this problem, allowing resources to re-enter the market and realize its own value.

First of all, desulfurized gypsum can not be transported long distances before it has been treated, which is one of the obstacles that hinder its realization of its own value. Through the processing of the briquetting machine, it can reduce the density of the particles, tighten and compact, reduce the occupied space, reduce transportation, and facilitate transportation over long distances. The use of desulfurization gypsum has been slowly discovered. Now it is mainly used in the production of cement plants and used as a retarder for cement. Desulfurization gypsum is relatively cheaper and can also reduce cement. Production costs are of great significance for protecting the environment and conserving resources.

Secondly, the treated gypsum is more convenient to use. It has simple process, low investment and quick effect. It is also a typical example of waste utilization, protection of ecological environment, protection of natural resources, realization of circular economy, and sustainable development. The social benefits are remarkable.

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