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Briquette press machine application in refractory industry

Refractories are widely used in various fields of the national economy, such as steel, non-ferrous metals, glass, cement, ceramics, petrochemicals, machinery, boilers, light industry, electricity, military, etc., are essential materials to ensure materials. Production and operation and technological development of the above industries. It plays an irreplaceable role in the development of high temperature industrial production.

High pressure ball presses are mainly used for powder materials that are difficult to form. It is characterized by the ability to generate large forming pressures, as well as adjustable main engine speed and screw units.

The shape of the particles produced by the high pressure briquetting machine determines whether the combustion of the material is complete or the gas permeability during the smelting process, which occupies an important factor throughout the process. In the actual use of a high pressure briquetting machine, the shape of the pellets is more similar to an irregular shape. Like lump coal, it has better combustion permeability and more complete combustion. If the shape of the particles belongs to a polygon, according to the technical theory, the contact surface and the warpage angle are many, the frame is easy to form, and has good naturalness in combustion and smelting.

After you have a good understanding of refractory and briquetting machines, you may want to master the bill of materials for the high pressure briquetting press in the refractory industry, so we have provided a list.

Applicable Industries Material
Refractory (MgO) Magnesium oxide
(CaO2) Calcium oxide
(AlO) Aluminium oxide
Magnesium aluminum spinel
Mullite powder

How to increase the output of refractory coal presses?

1. Add a fine crusher in front of the high pressure briquetting machine. The fines before grinding greatly reduce the particle size of the abrasive material, thereby reducing the load on the grinding system.

2. Add an efficient classifier. The particle size of the abrasive material is reduced, and the powder selection efficiency is improved. If the efficiency of the grinding system is low, it not only affects the output of the ball mill, but also affects the quality of the cement.

3. Improve the grinding system and improve the grinding efficiency. Increasing the powder selection efficiency is directly beneficial to timely selecting the finished fine powder, reducing the powder recovery rate of the cement product, and reducing the load of the cement energy-saving ball mill. The improvement of the main body of the briquetting machine, ie the improvement of the grinding system, is the fundamental solution.

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