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How to adjust the pressure of the briquetting machine? Hydraulic system adjustment method of ball press

During transportation, loose powder materials are prone to float and the transportation cost is high. Therefore, in most cases, briquetting machines are used to press them into balls, which are then transported and used. However, in the face of different materials, To make it into a ball, different pressures are required, so the briquetting machine must be adjusted. How to adjust the pressure of the briquetting machine?

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Adjusting method of briquetting machine pressure

According to the different materials pressed by the briquetting machine, the pressure of the hydraulic system is also different. The system pressure can be adjusted according to the actual situation of the site. The adjustment method is:

1. Disconnect the system control circuit first, loosen the overflow valve, and tighten the pressure relay adjustment handle at the same time;

2. Turn on the power of the hydraulic motor, the oil pressure in the hydraulic cylinder rises, observe the pressure value displayed on the pressure gauge, adjust the relief valve handle to be higher than the working pressure value, and lock the relief valve lock nut;

3. Connect the hydraulic system control loop and adjust the pressure value of the pressure relay. The pressure value can be adjusted with reference to the pressure gauge display. The high pressure value can be set to 2~3MPa higher than the working pressure, and the low pressure value can be lower than the working pressure 1~2MPa ;

4. After the pressure relay is adjusted, the lock nut is fixed and locked. At this time, the system drain valve can be opened or closed to check the debugging situation. After everything is normal, the hydraulic system debugging is completed.

briquetting machine


Attentions for hydraulic system adjustment

1. Before adjusting the pressure of the briquetting machine, check whether the connections of all parts are properly connected, whether the oil in the tank is sufficient, and ensure that the handle of the manual reversing valve is in the middle position.

2. Loosen the overflow valve handwheel to the end (left-handed) before starting the motor.

3. After starting the motor, turn the handwheel of the overflow valve to the right, and observe the reading of the pressure gauge. Stop the adjustment when the gauge pressure reaches 20.5MPa.

4. Under the premise of non-stop pump, readjust the overflow valve hand wheel to reduce the pressure gauge indication to the upper limit of working pressure (not greater than 19MPa), and lock the nut.

5. If the working system of the briquetting machine is required to release pressure, the handle of the manual reversing valve must be moved.

Regarding how to adjust the pressure of the briquetting machine, the above is the entire content of the briquetting machine manufacturer for everyone. I hope it can be helpful to everyone.

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