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Causes of dust generation in jaw crusher production

The jaw crusher has the advantages of large crushing ratio, simple operation and convenient maintenance, and is widely used in construction, mining, cement and other industries. However, a large amount of dust is generated during the production process, causing a large pollution. With the step-by-step follow-up of environmental supervision, it is extremely urgent to thoroughly deal with dust. So what are the causes of dust, and what can we do to effectively reduce the impact of dust?

Causes of dust generation during machine operation

1. The principle of the fan is the same. When the crusher rotor breaks the material at high speed, the air in the upper chute of the crusher is continuously sucked to the tail to form a high-pressure airflow. The dust collector sucks away, and the portion that is not sucked away carries a large amount of pulverized coal and is flushed out from the gap of the lower chute.

2. The chute of the tail is linear, and the flow area is also large. The high-pressure airflow is easy to stay from here.

3. The dust collection point of the dust collector disposed outside the jaw crusher is scattered, because the suction pipe is long and has many elbows, so the resistance to vacuum is very large, and it absorbs some externally while vacuuming. Cleaner air.

4. The dust absorbed by the dust collector is filtered and sent back to the belt conveyor by the screw conveyor. The outlet position is just below the dust hood. The pulverized coal will be immediately blown away by the high pressure airflow and sucked away by the vacuum pipe. Secondary pollution.

Effectively reduce dust

After analyzing the causes of dust generation, we can use the following methods to solve the problem and effectively remove dust:

1. For the high-pressure wind generated by the high-speed rotation of the crusher, we can try our best to seal the chute behind the crusher and the belt conveyor. For high-pressure wind, we can use the dredging method to reduce the pressure wind.

When the rotor of the jaw crusher rotates at a high speed, a lower pressure zone is generated at the upper feed port. If the high pressure zone in the lower part of the rotor and the upper low pressure zone are connected, the air flow will be in the differential pressure. Next, the high pressure zone exiting the crusher is returned to the low pressure zone of the inlet, thereby forming a closed loop of the airflow inside the crusher system, removing the wind pressure of the chute after the crusher, and reducing the external discharge of the dust.

2. Remove the unnecessary points of the dust collector and close the remaining one of the dust suction points to the tail chute, thus increasing the vacuuming capacity of the vacuum cleaner.

3. For the dust of the dust collector absorber, shift the return port, move the discharge port inside the chute to the outside, and then use the cloth bag to put the coal powder into the trough, and then manually clean it. At this time, the air flow A closed loop is formed, which reduces the amount of coal powder sucked by the precipitator, and the labor intensity of the worker is not large.

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