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Common faults and solutions of high-pressure roller mill

High-pressure roller mills are commonly used in the medium crushing, fine milling, and ultra-fine milling processes of various loose materials. Compared with other traditional crushers, they have the advantages of high productivity and low energy consumption. However, after a period of use, due to operating errors or inadequate maintenance work, high-pressure roller mills may operate abnormally. These failures are often seen in daily work, so how to deal with them to ensure the normal production of the equipment How about it?

High-pressure roller mills

First, the abnormal vibration of the high-pressure roller mill body

1. If the body of the high-pressure roller mill is experiencing abnormal vibrations, it is likely that the granularity of the material is not uniform, which leads to the imbalance of the squeeze force of the equipment. Therefore, the particle size of the material needs to be adjusted to make it as uniform as possible, so that The crushing force of the device is normal.

2. Another cause of abnormal vibration of the body may be caused by severe wear of the blade. When the blade is severely worn and the feeding amount is not large, it will cause the blade to be unable to scoop up the material, and sometimes there is no abnormal vibration caused when the roller squeezes the material. Generally, this situation can be periodically checked and replaced.

3. Sometimes the material is too hard, which will lead to abnormal start-up of the equipment. In severe cases, it may also cause deformation and wear of the grinding ring and the ring, which will aggravate vibration. In order to prevent this situation, in addition to no longer processing hard materials, it is necessary to periodically check and replace the grinding rollers, and be sure to remove the metal debris in the materials that will damage the rollers.

4. Another kind of vibration is caused by the high-pressure suspension shaft milling fan, which may be excessive powder accumulation on the blades, causing the blades to wear out, forming an unbalanced blade rotation, and causing abnormal vibrations. What we have to do is Remove the accumulated powder on the blade in time, and replace it in time if the blade wears.

5. When the equipment is used for a period of time, due to various internal vibrations or installation reasons, the anchor bolts may loose, causing abnormal vibration of the entire body. Therefore, pay attention to the tightness of the anchor bolts during routine maintenance. Loosen and tighten in time.

High-pressure roller mills

Second, the production of materials is abnormal

1. When the high-pressure roller mill is used for a long time, there will be no powder or less powder. One of the reasons for this situation is caused by the wear of the blade. Regular inspection and replacement can be used, and the lock may be locked. The powder device is not adjusted properly, and the seal is not tight, which causes the powder to suck back. This requires stopping in time, checking and adjusting the powder lock seal, and blocking the leak.

2. For materials, in addition to the abnormal situation of small output, the finished product may be too thick and too thin. This also has a certain relationship with the operation. It may be caused by incorrect adjustment of the fan air volume, or it may be due to the wear of the blade of the analyzer. Because it can't achieve the effect of classification, this requires us to replace the blades in time, and adjust the size of the air volume according to the thickness of the material, and adjust the air volume too coarsely and the air volume too finely.

High-pressure roller mills

Third, the parts are abnormal

1. If the high-pressure roller mill is running, the pressure is too low and there is oil leakage from the oil cylinder, then it is most likely due to a problem with the hydraulic system of the machine. At this time, we need to timely repair the damaged zero. Replace the parts, and replace them with clean hydraulic oil, and then perform the corresponding debugging, so that the machine can be restored to normal use.

2. When the high-pressure roller mill is in operation, abnormal bearing temperatures may occur. This may be caused by a failure in the lubrication system. Therefore, it is necessary to deal with the oil inlet situation of each lubrication point in time and to the relevant components. Clean up to ensure the normal operation of the circulating cooling water circuit.

3. Another component that is prone to failure is the motor of the high-pressure roller mill. The phenomenon that occurs is that the current and temperature of the main machine of the high-pressure roller mill are increased, and the current of the fan is reduced. The reason may be that the feed is excessive and the air duct is powdered. The material is blocked and the exhaust is not smooth, which causes the circulating air flow to generate heat and cause failure. At this time, it is necessary to stop and clean up the powder accumulation in the air duct, and then reduce the feeding amount. At the same time, the Yu duct valve is opened to control the temperature of the material into the acceptable range.

In actual use, the common faults of the high-pressure roller mill are basically the above, which are mostly caused by improper operation. Therefore, it is necessary to operate in accordance with the regulations and also to do good maintenance. Corresponding solutions for different faults should not be dismantled and repaired selfishly, otherwise it may cause other undesired faults.

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