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How to choose the correct crusher

Crushing equipment is divided into jaw crusher, gyratory crusher, cone crusher, roller crusher, rotary disc crusher, impact crusher and hammer crusher according to the structure and working principle.

Jaw crusher: It has the characteristics of large crushing ratio, uniform product quality, simple structure, reliable operation, easy maintenance, economical operation cost, etc. Various materials not exceeding 320MPa.

Cone crusher: large crushing ratio, high efficiency, uniform particle size, mostly used for medium and fine crushing of medium hardness rocks.

Impact crusher: It can handle materials with a side length of 100-500mm, and its compressive strength can reach up to 350MPa. It has the characteristics of large crushing ratio, cubic particles after crushing, and uniform particle size. It is widely used in stone crushing in highway engineering. middle.

Hammer crusher: suitable for crushing minerals of various brittle materials. The compressive strength of the material should not exceed 100MPa, and the humidity should not exceed 15%.

Factors to consider when choosing a crusher

Crushing equipment

When selecting a crusher, the type, hardness, particle size of incoming and outgoing materials, output and construction site of the crushed materials should be fully considered.

1. The hardness of the material

Different types of materials have different hardness. In general, the higher the hardness, the higher the crushing difficulty coefficient. When crushing hard or medium-hard stones, jaw crushing equipment should be used as the primary crushing equipment. When crushing medium-hard or soft stones, cone, counterattack or hammer crushers can be directly used.

2. Specifications of materials

If the size of the material is large, the jaw crusher can be used as the primary crushing; when the size of the stone is small and needs to be composed of a certain gradation of stone, it is necessary to use a combined crushing and screening equipment, such as a jaw crusher. Combined crushing equipment composed of cone or impact crusher and hammer crusher.

3. The humidity of the material

The water content of the material will also affect the choice of the crusher. When the water content is too large, the fine-grained material will agglomerate or stick to the coarse-grained material due to the increase in humidity, thereby increasing the viscosity of the material, reducing the discharge speed, and making the Productivity has fallen. In severe cases, it may even cause blockage of the discharge port, affecting the normal production.

Crushing equipment

4. The degree of cleavage development of the ore

The degree of cleavage development of the ore directly affects the productivity of the crusher. When the ore is crushed, it is easy to break along the cleavage surface. Therefore, the productivity of the crusher is much higher than that of the ore with a dense structure when the ore with developed cleavage is crushed. .

5. Incoming and outgoing particle size

The incoming and outgoing particle size is used to judge the type and crushing level of the required crushing equipment. If the content of coarse particles (greater than the size of the discharge port) in the crushed material is high or the ratio of the largest block of ore to the width of the feeding port is large, the crushing ratio that the crusher needs to achieve (the particle size of the material before crushing and the size of the material after crushing) The ratio of the particle size of the material) is large, so the productivity is reduced.

When the content of fine particles (close to or smaller than the size of the discharge port) of the crushed material is large, or the ratio of the largest block of ore to the width of the feeding port is small, the crushing ratio to be achieved is small, so the productivity is correspondingly improved. If the feed particle size is large and the discharge particle size is small, secondary crushing or multi-stage crushing is often required.

6. Yield requirements

The output requirement is an important indicator for determining the crushing equipment. The higher the output requirement, the larger the size of the crushing equipment required, and the corresponding input and output will increase.

7. Construction site

The specific situation of the construction site is the most direct factor affecting the selection of crusher equipment, such as the size of the construction site, the specific placement position of the crushing equipment, etc.

Crushing equipment

Factors to be considered when choosing a manufacturer

It is very important for users to inspect all aspects of the manufacturer when purchasing a crusher. Only by choosing a suitable manufacturer can the user's economic benefits be more guaranteed. When choosing a manufacturer, the following points should be paid attention to:

1. Comprehensive strength

The comprehensive strength is mainly reflected in the production scale of the manufacturer, whether it has its own professional R&D and quality inspection team, whether the manufacturer has strong funds, and whether it has the strength to introduce more mature foreign processing.

2. Equipment quality

The quality of the equipment will directly determine the performance of the equipment. High-quality equipment is more stable and reliable in actual operation, with high operation rate, high production efficiency, low failure rate and long service life. Going to the manufacturer to conduct on-the-spot inspection, you can have a comprehensive understanding of the manufacturer's production workshop environment, scale, equipment technology and supporting facilities, and you can also test the machine to observe the performance and operation of the equipment.

3. Factory after-sales service

(1) Customer return visit

After the customer's equipment is put into operation, the manufacturer needs to follow up and return to the customer from time to time to understand the current equipment operation status, production capacity, the use of wearing parts and the problems encountered by the customer.

(2) Accessories supply

Choose a manufacturer with a complete after-sales parts supply system to ensure that the customer's parts replacement needs are met at the first time and reduce the customer's downtime for maintenance.

In summary, when choosing crushing equipment and manufacturers, the selection of equipment should be based on production needs and material properties. A suitable manufacturer can not only ensure the quality and performance of the crusher, but also provide reasonable help for the use of the equipment. Remember not to blindly pursue cheapness and ignore the quality of the equipment.

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