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How to effectively deal with the waterproof problem of high pressure ball press

Due to rain, snow, sand and temperature, frost, etc., these weather factors and natural phenomena are inevitable, so the high pressure ball press must be waterproofed when installed outdoors. It is necessary to fully consider various factors, try to think of all possible situations, and make the waterproof treatment more comprehensive and complete, so as to make greater use of the potential of the ball press and generate more benefits in the process of use.

In the case of rain and snow, water often penetrates into the interior of the high pressure ball press along the gap, causing damage. This is because for the suspension installation, there is a gap between the ball and the bracket, which creates rainwater injection. Condition, then how to solve this problem? Waterproof sealing measures should be taken during installation. It is also very important to prevent rainwater from entering the ball machine mounting bracket from the screw interface. It is recommended to use the original bracket. The original bracket fully considers the waterproof problem, such as the tilting design to make the ball machine rotate. The terminal is slightly higher. Even if the water in the bracket is filled, it will only flow back into the column without flowing into the ball.

Since rainwater may flow into the rack, the user should fully consider the waterproof factor when making the bracket. Why is there water droplets in the bracket? In general, the temperature during the day is high and the water vapor in the pole enters the bracket. When the night temperature drops, the water vapor condenses into water droplets that condense along the wall. When the bracket is not tilted or tilted in the opposite direction, water droplets will flow into the dome along the wall, causing damage. In order to reduce the entry of water vapor into the bracket, the joint between the bracket and the pole can be sealed with plasticine or silica gel.

In order to give full play to the role of the high pressure ball press, it must pay attention to its waterproof problem during installation. This is not only a tool to improve the efficiency of the user, but also to extend the service life of the device and provide more benefits and value to the user. This is a necessary step in the user's use.

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