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How much is a high pressure briquetting machine?

High-pressure briquetting machine is widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, coal and refractory materials and other industries. All metallurgical industry wastes and auxiliary materials need to be furnaced, and they need a briquetting machine to complete. The point is that the molding pressure is large, the rotation speed of the main machine is adjustable, and it is equipped with a screw feeding device. It is mainly used for pressing powdery materials that are difficult to shape. I believe that many companies are no strangers to high-pressure briquetting machines, so how much does a high-pressure briquetting machine cost?

The price of high-pressure briquetting machine varies according to the output tonnage. The price of the large output is naturally higher, generally around 50,000 yuan per unit (reference price), and the specific price is different depending on the product configuration. In addition to these, there are some factors that also affect the price of high pressure briquetting machine.

High-pressure briquetting machine

1. Special functions

High pressure ball press is not a static product. Many companies can make customized briquetting machines according to customer requirements for the molding of special materials. The price of this type of briquetting machine will be higher than the price of ordinary briquetting machines.

2. Steel price

The high-pressure ball press is made of steel, and the parts such as the reducer used on the main engine also belong to the scope of the steel production industry. Therefore, the price of raw materials such as steel is a direct factor affecting the price of the ball press equipment.

High-pressure briquetting machine

3. The manufacturer's production mode

The ball briquetting machine supplier produces large-scale mass production. The equipment is manufactured in the form of an assembly line for processing operations on multiple machines. The required cost will naturally drop. Manufacturers are low.

4. Special time period

Under the call of promoting environmental protection, energy saving and green production at home, environmental protection links should be added to the equipment manufacturing process. The production of briquetting machine equipment should be improved from design to technology to achieve environmental protection and energy saving, which invisibly increases the cost of equipment manufacturing. cost. Also in the special time period of strict environmental protection inspection, the price of the ball press will not fall.

The above is a detailed introduction to the price of the high-pressure briquetting machine. I hope it can be helpful to everyone. When choosing a briquetting machine, you can learn more about it in advance.

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