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High pressure roller mill structure

As a kind of ultra-fine crushing equipment, the high-pressure roller mill has the characteristics of low energy consumption per unit, low unit steel consumption, large unit processing capacity, uniform particle size of crushed products, small floor space and high equipment operation rate.

high-pressure roller mill

The high pressure roller mill is mainly composed of a system such as a frame, a stick, a bearing, a transmission, a feeding, a hydraulic, a lubrication and a control. The motor is connected to the stick system (the bearing and the stick mounted on the bearing) mounted on the horizontal rail of the frame through the universal joint and the reducer, and the stick that cannot slide on the slide rail during operation is a fixed stick. The small sliding on the sliding rail is a moving stick. The independent hydraulic system at both ends of the moving rod pushes the moving stick to the fixed stick, which generates the pressure required for the crushing. There is a spacing block between the moving and fixed bearing blocks to prevent the stick from contacting. The fixed stick and the moving stick are identical in structure and can be interchanged. The high-pressure roller mill is a new type of ore crushing equipment designed based on the principle of material bed crushing, which is characterized by high pressure, slow speed and full material. As shown in the overall assembly diagram of the high pressure roller mill in Figure 4.5, the two sticks do a slow relative movement, one of which is fixed and the other is horizontally slidable. The material is continuously fed from the upper part and passes through the gap between the sticks, and the movable stick is pressed by hydraulic pressure, the material is crushed by the pressure, and is pressed into a cake to fall outside the machine.

In addition to its application in the cement industry, high-pressure roller mills are now used in diamond, copper, platinum, molybdenum, gold and industrial minerals as technology advances and improves.

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