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What are the main factors affecting the forming of pulverized coal?

With the development of industrial mechanization technology, briquette briquetting machines have also entered a white-hot state, and various types of briquette briquetting machines have caused hot sales in the market. The reason why briquette briquetting machine is recognized by many users is because of its performance and the economic benefits it creates. In the production process of the briquette machine, it is necessary to control the particle size, moisture, adhesive, etc., to have a good mixture of materials, and install the proportion to add auxiliary materials, so that the briquette briquette can be efficiently and safely produced. As for the issue of output, comprehensive consideration should be made. It is not the briquette briquetting machine that has a large output. It depends on the performance of the briquette briquetting machine and ensuring efficient and trouble-free operation. These factors are all briquette briquetting. The key factor for the high output of the machine.

Especially for the briquette production line, the correct selection of various supporting equipment is also the key. For example, the selection of supporting equipment such as vertical crushers, vertical dryers, and double-shaft mixers should also be based on the entire briquette production line. . In addition, the correct installation method and skilled operation equipment are the key to the output of briquette briquetting machine. Generally speaking, there are many factors that affect the high-efficiency production of ball presses. Users should not just screen out the model, but find out the reasons and eliminate them one by one, so that more benefits can be obtained. The briquetting machine manufacturers have summarized the following factors that will have an important impact on the pulverized coal forming process. Let’s take a closer look.

1. The forming characteristics of coal

The forming characteristics of coal is the most critical internal factor affecting the forming process of pulverized coal, especially the influence of the elasticity and plasticity of coal is more prominent. The higher the plasticity of the coal, the better the forming characteristics of its pulverized coal.

Young coals such as peat and lignite are rich in asphaltenes and humic acid substances with high plasticity, so they have good formability and ideal forming effects, and they can even be formed without binders. As the degree of coalification increases, the plasticity of coal decreases rapidly, and its forming properties gradually deteriorate. For coal with a high degree of coalification, it is generally necessary to add a binder to increase the plasticity of the coal before it can be formed.

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2. Forming pressure

When the forming force is less than the crushing force, the mechanical strength of the briquette increases with the increase of the forming pressure. Different coal types have different crushing power. The forming pressure is closely related to factors such as coal type, material moisture and particle size composition, and binder type and quantity.

3. Material moisture

The main functions of the moisture in the material in the molding process are:

The presence of an appropriate amount of water can act as a lubricant, reduce the internal friction of the molding system, and improve the mechanical strength of the briquette. If there is too much water, the water layer on the surface of the particles will become thicker, which will affect the sufficient density of the particles, and will reduce the mechanical strength of the briquette. In addition, excessive moisture will easily cause cracks when the briquette is dried, which makes the briquette easy to break;

If a hydrophilic binder is used to make the brew, an appropriate amount of water will pre-wet the surface of the particles, which will help the particles to bond to each other. If the water is too much, the effect of the binder will be worse. The more suitable molding moisture is generally 10%~15%;

If the hydrophobic binder is used for molding, the moisture will reduce the effect of the binder, so the moisture of the material is generally controlled below 4% at this time.

In short, material moisture should be flexibly controlled according to the actual situation and controlled within a range.

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4. Material particle size and particle size composition

When determining the particle size and composition of the material, the following principles should be followed:

(1) Ensure that the arrangement of the material particles and shaped blocks is the closest to improve the mechanical strength of the coal. Practice has proved that smaller material particle size is conducive to the close arrangement of particles;

(2) When the binder molding process is adopted, the total gap between particles is minimized, so as to reduce the amount of binder and reduce the cost of briquette.

5. Dosage of bonding agent

Since most coal types have poor molding properties, the molding process using binders is more common. At this time, the amount of binder is not only a key influencing factor of briquette strength, but also has a very important impact on the production cost of briquette.

From the perspective of binder consolidation, increasing the amount of binder is beneficial to increase the strength of the briquette; from the perspective of the palladium formation process, increasing the amount of binder is not conducive to increasing the molding pressure and the strength of the briquette: In terms of mold stability, increasing the amount of binder is also not conducive to improving the strength of briquette. Therefore, it is generally necessary to determine a binder amount through experiments.

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