Magnesium Chloride Briquetting


The pure magnesium chloride is colorless monoclinic crystal, and the industrial product is usually yellowish brown and has a bitter taste. It is easy to absorb moisture and loses 2 molecules of crystal water when it is dissolved in water at 100 °C. The aqueous solution is neutral at room temperature.

The metal magnesium briquetting machine can press the raw materials such as metal magnesium powder, alumina powder, iron oxide powder and the like through a roll extrusion principle, and does not add any binder during the pressing process to ensure the purity of the raw material, and the metal magnesium is pressed and formed. It can be used in multiple industries to achieve the purpose of waste utilization, reducing the loss of resources and increasing the economic income of users.

Magnesium Chloride

Metal magnesium ball press production features

1. One-time press molding does not require multiple presses, reducing the cost of production, providing economic profit, forming rate of up to 90%;

2. The use of roller skin made of alloy steel, wear resistance increases the service life of the roller skin, reducing the time and cost wasted due to the replacement of the roller skin;

3. The production volume is large, the output of 3-300 tons per hour is available, users can choose according to their actual production conditions;

4. The structure is humanized, advanced technology, convenient maintenance and repair, and increased production efficiency.

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