Aluminium Briquetting Machine ( Aluminium Scrap Briquetting )


Aluminium Scrap Briquetting

Why do you want to make aluminum compacts?

Aluminum and its alloys are important raw materials for economic construction. They are widely used in machinery, construction, automobiles, aircraft, home appliances and packaging materials. The annual market demand is very large.
The production of primary aluminum does not meet the market demand. Therefore, all countries in the world attach great importance to the reprocessing of aluminum scrap. The aluminum scrap after compaction has been widely used in various industrial fields.

Recycling aluminum scraps and precautions?

When cutting aluminum castings, the chips account for about 20% of the weight of the casting, up to about 30%. At present, the price of aluminum on the market is about 15,000 yuan / ton, so the recovery of aluminum chips can reduce production costs and have good economic benefits. The recovery of aluminum shavings generally consists of three different properties, and different properties have different recycling effects.

(1) When the processing of a workpiece is finished, the aluminum scrap should be recovered in time to prevent the aluminum scrap from mixing other substances. When recycling, the aluminum scraps in the machine chassis should be cleaned up.

(2) The recovered aluminum chips should be strictly in accordance with the classification in the corresponding area, and indicate the type of aluminum chips, or smelt in time.

(3) The most important thing is to prevent debris, cotton yarn and other debris from mixing into the aluminum chips.

Processing aluminum chips with aluminum briquetting machine?

The role of the aluminium Scraps briquetting machine is to press the aluminum chips into pellets directly. The entire process does not require heating, additives or other processes to facilitate storage and transportation, and reduces losses during recycling and reuse. Aluminum scrap briquettes are suitable for the plants related to the foundry, such aluminum profile, casting steel, casting aluminum, casting copper, hardware, and so on.

Working principle

Aluminum briquetting machine can directly compress aluminum scrap and aluminum powder into 3~6kg high-density cylindrical aluminum block, so that it can be transported, furnace, and the whole process without heating and additives. Widely used in aluminum alloy aluminum alloy profile factory, cast steel plant, cast aluminum plant, cast copper plant, etc.

In addition to pressing aluminum powder, aluminum powder briquetting machine can also suppress scrap metal, steel, stainless steel and other scrap metal. It is a powerful metal briquetting machine. The main engine is powered by an electromagnetic speed regulating motor, which is transmitted to the drive shaft through a pin and pin coupling through a pulley and a cylindrical gear reducer.

The working principle is that the active shaft and the passive shaft ensure synchronous operation through the open gear. The passive bearing housing is equipped with hydraulics at the rear. The screw feeding device of the dry powder ball press is driven by the electromagnetic speed regulating motor, and is rotated by the pulley and the worm reducer to force the pressed material into the main feed port.

Due to the constant moment characteristic of the electromagnetic speed regulating motor, when the amount of material of the screw feeder is equal to the amount of material required by the main machine, a constant supply pressure can be maintained to stabilize the pellet mass. If the feeding amount is too large, the feeding device is overloaded; if the feeding amount is too small, the ball is not formed.

Therefore, the skilled operation technique is an important condition for ensuring the normal operation of the ball. The dry powder ball press is mainly driven by a hydraulic pump to drive high pressure oil into the hydraulic cylinder to cause axial displacement of the piston. The front joint of the piston rod is placed on the bearing housing to meet production pressure requirements.

When the feed between the two pressure rollers is too much or enters the metal block, the hydraulic cylinder piston rod is under pressure overload, the hydraulic pump will stop, the accumulator will buffer the pressure change, the relief valve will open the oil return, and the piston rod will be displaced.

The gap between the pressure rollers is increased to allow the hard objects to pass through the pressure roller, and the system pressure returns to normal, so that the pressure roller can be protected from damage. The machine can adjust the pressure according to the requirements of the pressure ball density, and the production is flexible.

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