Settled Dust Briquetting


In a general context, the concept of settled dust briquetting could involve the process of taking dust that has settled in an industrial or manufacturing environment and converting it into briquettes for various purposes

Settled Dust

Structure analysis of settled dust briquetting

1. The feeding part is mainly to realize the quantitative feeding to ensure that the material evenly enters into the roller area. If the feeding amount is too large, the feeding device is overloaded; if the feeding amount is too small, the ball cannot be formed. Therefore, the skilled operation technique is an important condition for ensuring the normal operation.

2. The main drive system is motor – coupling – double output shaft reducer – drum gear coupling – pressure roller.

3. The molding part mainly refers to the main part, and the core part is the pressure rollers. The machine can adjust the pressure according to the requirements of the pressure ball density, and the production is flexible.

The sludge ball press has the characteristics of good forming effect, durability and simple maintenance. It is a specially designed ball press equipment to meet the requirements of current environmental protection and energy-saving.

Settled dust briquetting process

Dust Collection: Gathering the settled dust from surfaces where it has accumulated.

Drying (Optional): Depending on the moisture content of the dust, it may be beneficial to dry it to enhance the effectiveness of the briquetting process.

Mixing/Additives: Combining the settled dust with binders, additives, or other materials that can enhance the briquetting process and the properties of the resulting briquettes.

Briquetting Machine: Using a briquetting machine to apply pressure and form the settled dust into compact briquettes.

Cooling/Curing (Optional): Allowing the briquettes to cool or cure, which can help them maintain their shape and integrity.

Storage/Transportation: The finished briquettes are then ready for storage, transportation, or potential reuse.

Benefits of settled dust briquetting may include reducing the volume of dust for more efficient storage and transportation, mitigating environmental and health risks associated with loose dust particles, and potentially creating a product that can be reused or recycled depending on the nature of the dust.

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