(V2O3) Vanadium Trioxide Briquetting


(V2O3) vanadium trioxide can also be called: VANADIUM (+5) OXIDE; VANADIC ACID; VANADIC ANHYDRIDE; VANADIUM (+3) OXIDE; VANADIUM TRIOXIDE; Vanadium sesguioxide; VANADIUM SESQUIOXIDE; VANADIUM OXIDE; Gray-black crystal or powder. Do not dissolve in water, soluble in nitric acid, hydrofluoric acid, hot water. Slowly absorb oxygen in the air and convert it to vanadium pentoxide. Heating in the air violently burns.

An important goal of the ball press is to inhibit and shape the various materials and compress them into balls of various sizes to make the ball material easy to store, carry and cast. For example, a briquetting machine can press vanadium trioxide into a spherical shape. After molding, the strength increases and the load does not break. Another point is that the size of the ball socket and the depth of the ball socket determine the strength of the ball.

Vanadium Trioxide Briquetting

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