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Graphite Briquetting


Graphite has good chemical stability. The specially processed graphite has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, good thermal conductivity and low permeability. Graphite and carbon products have excellent performance, are increasingly used, and the production capacity and benefits are growing rapidly. The graphite ball press machine directly pulverizes the carbon minerals and does not need to add water. It is mainly used for pressing graphite into pellets, and is widely applied in the refractory industry.

Working Principle of Graphite ball press machine

Driven by the motor, the two rollers rotate in opposite directions; the surface of the two rollers is processed into a dimple of a three-dimensional ellipsoid; the forced and extruded material is pre-compressed by pre-pressing screw to form a certain density, and then passes through the inlet port. Between the two rollers, the material is forced into the double rollers dimples is pressed into a three-dimensional ellipsoid by means of two rollers, and discharged through belt conveyor of the ball press.

Advantages of the Graphite ball press machine

The raw material can be pressed well with high ratio of briquetting and high strength of pressed briquettes;

Better application result of roller surface,longer service life;

Adopting the structure of dual-output shaft reducer,improving the roller precision;

Using hard surface gear to improve the working performance and service life of reducer;

Pre-presser adopts the speed-adjusting motor;

All wear-out parts are welded with wearing resistance alloy to improve working performance and service life of parts;

Hydraulic station is placed independently with the function of pressure-adjusting and protective function when overloading.

Graphite Briquetting

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