Briquette machines

What is the effect of the pressure of the ball press on the ball formation rate?

The ball press is a kind of equipment for pressing powdery materials into balls. Many users pay special attention to the quality of the press rolls when purchasing the ball press equipment. In fact, when the pressure roller is attached, the key to the molding of the pressure ball machine lies in the pressure. Therefore, do not ignore the molding pressure when purchasing.

The pressure of the ball press comes from several aspects:

1. The thrust of the hydraulic cylinder

The use of a hydraulic device and a hydraulic pump enables a constant pressure to be maintained between the rolls to shape the material.

2. the speed of the roll skin

Adjusting the speed of the roller skin should work hard on the ratio of the motor and the reducer. Now, for the small-type ball press, the electromagnetic speed-regulating motor is mainly used, and the speed of the motor is adjusted by the governor to adjust the speed of the ball press. However, the current largest electromagnetic speed regulating motor is only 90kw, how to adjust the large dry powder ball machine? That only uses a better variable frequency motor. The speed of the motor is adjusted by adjusting the frequency of the motor supply to adjust the speed of the ball press. Adjust the rotation speed of the ball press to lengthen the pressure of the material between the roller skins of the ball press, so that the molding effect is optimal.

In the actual operation of the ball press, iron pieces, stones and other hard objects are strictly prohibited from entering the machine. The particle size of the material to be processed must be less than 3 mm. It is strictly forbidden to start under heavy load. It is strictly forbidden for non-technical personnel to dismantle and adjust the equipment. Care and observe if the gear unit and housing are short of oil.

The ball press structure consists of three parts

Feeding part: If the feeding amount is too large, the feeding device is electrically overloaded, and if the feeding amount is too small, the ball is not formed.

Transmission part: The main machine is powered by the electromagnetic speed regulating motor, which is transmitted to the drive shaft through the pulley pin and the cylindrical gear reducer through the pin coupling.

Forming part: The core part is the roll. Therefore, it is very important to choose a professional pressure ball machine with high molding pressure.

In order to ensure the normal operation of the ball press, it is transmitted to the reducer. The reducer passes through the coupling and is transmitted to the drive shaft and then by a pair of open gears. The forming pressure is rapidly reduced to make the material enter the off-ball state and smoothly take off the ball. The data line and video line inside the ball press have been grounded accordingly, and the GND end of the ball press is connected to the ground to ensure that the device is effectively grounded. Therefore, it is very important to choose a professional pressure ball machine with high molding pressure.

In order to ensure the molding strength of the product, the molding pressure should be ensured, and the pressure is different from the diameter and width of the pressure roller, the distance between the two pressure rollers, the distance between the pressure rollers, the rotation speed of the pressure roller, and the shape and size of the bowl. The factors are related, and these specific parameter controls can be referred to the safety production guidelines. In addition, the structure of the ball press mechanism is also very important. If the parts of the machine can work together, we can safely produce it. If the parts are not coordinated, it may affect the production efficiency.

The roller press of the ball press is also a cause of influence on the molding. As long as the material and quality of the press roller can be guaranteed, basically the molding will not be affected by this. Therefore, you want the molding rate of your machine and equipment to be guaranteed. The first thing to do is to choose a good machine with a good quality letter.

When the ball ball is misaligned, the sleeve bolt can be loosened or the roller skin can be loosened with the shaft. After the ball is adjusted, the bolt can be tightened, or the roller bearing can be replaced. It can also be treated by re-grinding after welding. The deformation of the ball socket can also cause the pressing to be unformed or the shape is not uniform, and it is only necessary to repair or replace the ball socket. There is a gap between the two pairs of rollers. If there is a gap between the two rollers, the contact area of ​​the material in the two pressure rollers is reduced, and some materials are not pressed by the pressure roller, resulting in a “burr” of the finished ball of the ball pressing machine. In this case, we can adjust the gap of the pressure roller to the roller. Note that the gap between the two roller skins of the ball press machine is too small. Too small and too tight will cause the two rollers to lock and cannot rotate. Will reduce the life of the ball press roll.

There are many reasons that affect the press molding of the ball press. In addition to the factors mentioned in the ball press equipment itself, it may be that the particle size of the pulverized coal does not meet the requirements, the dry humidity of the pulverized coal is not adjusted well, and the selection process is made during the production process. The binder is not suitable for the selection of pulverized coal.

When the ball press presses the briquette material, it has requirements for its water content and material humidity:

1. Water content of briquette materials

The humidity (water content) of the ball press is too large, and it is prone to sticking to the ball. The strength of the finished ball is not enough. Under normal circumstances, the pressure ball machine must adjust the humidity and particle size of the material before pressing the material. The moisture contained in the material must be strictly controlled.

2. At which stage does the pressure ball machine regulate the material humidity?

The production process of the ball press is mainly: four processes of crushing, stirring, ball pressing and drying. Generally, it must be mastered at the mixer. When the item is too dry, it is easy to appear the signs of the two hemispheres and the broken ball when the ball is pressed; the item is too wet, and the ball is simply formed when the ball is pressed, and the ball-filled items of the briquette are not out of the ball and the car is boring.

3. During the ball pressing process of the ball press, the binder used is different. Is the water content debugging range the same?

With different binders, the water content debugging range is also different, because different binders have different physical and chemical properties. The amount added is also different. Under normal circumstances, the binder adopts cement and clay to form water with a moisture content of 18-20%; when the binder adopts magma or humic acid, the moisture content is 10-12%; when the composite binder is used, the moisture is 11 -13%; the binder is 2-4% when the asphalt is formed; the moisture is 12-18% when the binder is not formed, and the moisture is 15-15 when the binderless liquefied hard coal is extruded. 18%; moisture without binder is less than 2% when formed.

The ball-forming rate of the ball press is a standard for judging the quality of the ball press. The main function of the ball press is to press the material into a ball. Therefore, the level of the ball is one of the factors determining the quality of the device. Therefore, the pressure of the ball press must meet the standard, which also requires the quality of the ball press to pass.