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Precautions for material delivery of dry powder briquetting machine

If you want to press the powder material into pellets, you need not only the briquetting equipment, but also some auxiliary equipment to complete the whole pellet pressing work. In the process of briquetting, the texture of the material will affect the forming of the dry powder briquetting machine, and the feeding method and the speed and quantity of the feeding will directly affect the pellet forming. Therefore, we must pay special attention to the production of dry powder briquetting. materials. To achieve the ideal and satisfactory molding quality, it is necessary to adjust at various angles and multiple links in the operation of the dry powder briquetting machine.

Because every link is not in place, it can become a source of problems and failures. For example, if the material is too wet, it may cause a series of problems such as machine blockage, unmode release, and insufficient strength of the egg. In the previous section, we introduced the texture of the material. The briquetting machine manufacturer introduced some precautions about the material placement.

Dry powder briquetting machine equipment needs attention when placing materials

1. The order of the operation. According to the specifications, the order of some links must be followed. When the material is placed, it is no longer possible to start the feeding operation without starting the briquetting machine, otherwise the load of the motor will be greatly increased. Many times the damage of the motor is caused by the direct loading at startup. After starting, we recommend to idle for a few minutes and then it is most suitable when feeding.

2. Whether the feeding is uniform. Excessive material placement or material breakage is two situations that should be avoided in the production of dry powder briquetting machines. If the material is placed too hard, the load of the briquetting machine becomes large and the clogging is prone to occur. The material is cut off, which delays the production work and reduces the efficiency. Therefore, the uniform delivery of materials according to the specific situation is the best way.

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