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How to fill the material of the briquetting press machine?

When the briquette ball press is working, it is necessary to feed the material into the equipment, and then pressurize the roller, and the finished ball is detached and transported to the product warehouse through the conveyor. Generally, the filling methods we have seen include: falling in, inhalation, top filling, and lower filling.

Fall into the law

This is a traditional method of conveying the material to the feed port of the briquette press by a box feeder, and automatically feeding the stirred powdery material into the equipment by free fall mode. When filling the powder by this method, filling Speed and uniformity often depend on the size of the cross-sectional area of the cavity and the speed of the powder.

Inhalation method

Since the particle size of the powder generally used is between 40 and 200 & mu; m, if the drop method is used, when the cavity is narrow, the powder is not easy to enter and the speed is slow, which will affect the use efficiency of the molding machine. In order to improve this phenomenon, the inhalation method can be used. That is, when the powder filling box reaches above the cavity, the middle mold moves up, which causes vacuum suction, which accelerates the entry of the powder into the pair of rolls and the completeness of the filling. For materials with complex shapes and sharp corners, or for thin wall materials less than 1 mm, it is of great help.

Filling method

After the powder is filled into the counter roll, it is moved up to the height of the die face, which is also very helpful for the thin-walled parts, because the gap between the mandrel and the middle die is small when the thin-walled parts are formed, which is easy to cause bridging, which hinders the After the powder is dropped, if the mandrel is first below, the briquette ball press can be added to the roll space to facilitate filling. After the filling is completed, the upward movement can improve these troubles.

Under filling method

When the filling is completed, the middle mold and the upward movement are moved upwards to lower the powder relative to the mold surface, which prevents the powder from being sprayed outward when the upper punch moves downward, and can reduce the push angle or circle due to the middle mold. The arc angle causes some powder to get stuck between the upper punch and the middle die.

Precautions for material filling of briquette ball press:

1. The structure of the crusher has a large impact on the crushing size.

2. Mixing mode, stirring strength and stirring effect of the mixer, poor tolerance of materials and adhesives, and poor molding plasticity.

3. The feeding method and feeding quality are inaccurate and unstable.

4. The raw coal belt conveying material in front of the crusher is easy to be discontinuous and uniform, and the crusher has unstable production capacity and particle size control, which affects the subsequent process, and should be weighed by belt.

5, the molding machine feed must be continuous, uniform, and not shed.

1) After mixing and mashing, the agglomerated materials should be mixed or homogenized twice to make the molding machine uniform, control the molding compression ratio, and the ball forming rate is high and the strength is good.

2) Solve the problem of raw coal bunking of materials for mixing and smelting. Generally, the loader is used to put the material into the silo, and the material has large viscosity and also has a drop, which is easy to block the discharge port of the silo, resulting in discontinuous feeding, and occasionally, the molding machine runs in this state, and the scraping material is large. The ball formation rate is low.

6. The selection principle of molding pressure is not the greater the pressure, the better the molding pressure can be selected under pressure adjustable conditions to avoid the phenomenon of pressure feeding and rebound (hemisphere).

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