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Mineral powder briquetting machine use precautions

The quality of the ore powder briquetting machine is reliable, multi-purpose and powerful, suitable for large, medium and small enterprises to establish a production line with a certain production scale. It is suitable for various moldings of industrial gasification, boiler type, cold pressing type focus, ignition type coal, civil type coal, civil metallurgy, refractory materials, medicine and other materials. After many years of industrial use and improvement, the mineral powder briquetting machine has the advantages of high pelleting rate, low power consumption, compact structure and easy inspection and debugging compared with other similar products.

The mineral powder briquetting machine mainly suppresses various kinds of iron powder, mineral powder, iron oxide scale, steel slag, refractory materials, etc. Any material that needs to be smelted with powder needs a mineral powder briquetting machine.

First, the three elements that need attention in the production of mineral powder briquetting machine:

1. Due to the different sizes of coal and ball, the required pressure is also different. It is necessary to select the molding machine with the molding pressure adjustable according to the economic situation.

2. The core mechanical equipment of the briquetting machine is the forming machine, and the key component that affects the working efficiency of the forming machine is the ball rolling roller. The blank of the ball rolling roller is divided into: integral forging and casting, the casting density is small, and the structure is rough. But it is more economical. Casting has high density, compact structure, good wear resistance, long service life, good processing technology of ball groove, suitable material types, and reliable operation. Most of them are used in medium and high pressure large-scale molding machines, but the cost is high. After the manufacturing process is improved, the current equipment replacement and maintenance is more convenient, reducing the difficulty of user maintenance.

3. The ball produced must be dried for sale or use. The current use is preferably a high-efficiency, easy-to-use vertical dryer or flap drying equipment.

When using the mineral powder briquetting machine, it is necessary to pay attention to the above problems in order to produce a good product when pressed.

Second, the installation instructions of the mineral powder briquetting machine:

Convenient installation is the characteristics of the briquetting machine, but the humanized design of different brand briquetting machines is still inconsistent. Many international famous brands provide a set of instant and effective installation, debugging and failure in addition to providing humanized products. Exclude the solution. Here, briefly put forward the common precautions and effective methods of troubleshooting in the actual project. Only the correct installation and proper maintenance can make the briquetting machine play its proper glory.

Before installing the briquetting machine, the pipeline should be laid in strict accordance with the electrical specifications, and the strong electric and weak electric signal lines should be isolated and worn to avoid interference. In the outdoor open environment, independent external lightning protection measures should be taken. The ball machine itself should also be well maintained. Grounding, to prevent static electricity accumulation, etc. affect the ball machine. When installing, properly connect the power cable, communication cable and video cable. When connecting, carefully refer to the installation instructions to confirm the communication method and the corresponding pin definition. Generally The equipment should be installed in the later stage of construction to avoid a large amount of dust on the construction site from invading the ball machine, directly affecting its use effect and life.

Third, the production and maintenance of mineral powder briquetting machine

Some of the basic problems limiting the shape, size and distribution of the ball and socket are obvious when designing the surface of the ore powder compactor. First of all, it must be recognized that the ball socket is never completely closed during the ball pressing process. Once the lower end of the ball is opened, the pressure at the upper end of the ball pushes out the lower part, which is important for demolding. However, as long as there is a tangent to the lower side of the stick at the lower end, the ball is easily destroyed under this pressure. This is one of the reasons why cylindrical balls cannot be made. The most advantageous shape is the drip type. As the length of the ball on the circumference of the wheel and the diameter of the wheel increase, the above effect is weakened. In particular, a small ore powder briquetting machine with a fixed nature theory needs to use the entire stick surface for the ball. The non-working platform between the elliptical ball sockets is large. The ball material is overpressured in these areas and determines the highest mechanical load of the ore powder briquetting machine, while the material in the ball socket is not compact. So all the pressure is used for forming and compacting. This effect imposes quite severe restrictions on the design of the wheel, and many people want to solve this problem. The left-hand wheel is horizontally moved by the eccentric transmission so that the lower side of the ball socket remains closed. The mineral powder briquetting machine is completed until the ball pressing process is completed. Then, the ball is released when the upper side of the ball is closed.

The diameter of the material used by the mineral powder briquetting press during ball pressing affects the working efficiency of the briquetting machine equipment, which has been confirmed to a large extent, so before the material of the mineral powder briquetting machine enters the inside of the briquetting machine We must check the materials to ensure the particle size and uniformity of the materials, so as to ensure that the components of the mineral powder briquetting machine are not damaged by materials of different sizes, and ultimately affect the working efficiency of the mineral powder briquetting machine.

During the working process of the mineral powder briquetting machine, if the particle size of the material is not uniform, the mechanical energy is completely converted into kinetic energy when the material is pressed against the roller, so that the mechanical energy of the ore powder briquetting machine is not completely used in the material. The extrusion efficiency of the briquetting machine will be reduced, so controlling the particle size and uniformity of the material is an important part. Otherwise, it may affect the working efficiency of the briquetting machine equipment and may also cause the ore powder pressure. Damage to the components of the block machine.

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