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Application of mineral powder briquetting machine

Mineral powder briquetting machine is widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, refractory and other industries. It is mainly used for the pressure ball formation of non-hydrated materials that need to be smelted by the furnace, and belongs to the category of high pressure ball press equipment. Such as: quicklime powder, iron oxide powder, copper powder, chrome ore powder, lead and zinc scrap, aluminum bauxite, non-ferrous metal powder, refractory material, ceramic material, etc., through the high-strength high pressure to make the ball with higher capacity.

Mine powder briquetting machine application principle:

The main body of the ore powder briquetting machine is powered by a variable speed motor. Through the parallel shaft reducer, the gear coupling is transmitted to the main shaft, and the movable bearing housing is equipped with hydraulic devices behind. The screw feeding device is driven by the adjustable speed motor, and is rotated by the pulley and the worm reducer to force the pressed material into the feeding port. Through the pre-pressing spiral in the hopper, the material is forcedly pressed into the middle of the pair of rolls, and the unit forming pressure of the compressed material of the counter-rotating reverse running is changed from small to large, and the forming pressure reaches the maximum at the center line of the pair of rolls. After the material passes the line, the molding pressure rapidly becomes smaller, so that the material enters the off-ball state and the ball is smoothly removed.

Analysis of application of mineral powder briquetting machine for different materials

1, quicklime

The powder of quicklime is not easy to use directly. If it is not pressed by the quicklime ball press, it is particularly troublesome in handling and transportation due to its strong viscosity. Direct use in cement production may cause poor material transport and affect the normal production of cement. The pressing of the limestone ore briquetting machine becomes more convenient and efficient in use, and can be used not only for the production of cement but also for metallurgical production.

2, iron oxide powder

Iron oxide scale is a kind of waste product produced by the rolling mill in the process of rolling blanks. The iron content is high, and direct waste causes a large waste. However, if the iron oxide scale is directly poured into the steelmaking furnace, there will be a large amount of The dust will be taken away by the hot air. In order to reduce the loss of iron, it is generally recommended to use the mineral powder briquetting machine for processing and reuse, and the benefit is extremely high. The iron oxide scale has high iron content, and can be applied to the dust removing ash which can be added to the steel mill for pressing, so that the dust removing ash can be used again, and the scraping problem of the steel industry can be solved to some extent.

3, chrome ore powder

There are many classifications of chrome ore powder, which must be in the metallurgical industry, chromite, chrome ore and other materials. Chromite is mainly used to produce ferrochrome and metal chromium. On refractory materials, chromite is used to make chrome bricks, chrome-magnesia bricks and other special refractory materials. Since the powdery material cannot be directly produced by the furnace, it needs to be pressed by the ore powder briquetting machine. The pressed ball can be used for smelting of stainless steel, acid-resistant steel, special steel and special alloy.

4, bauxite

Alumina bauxite, also known as bauxite or bauxite, is mainly composed of alumina, which is a hydrated alumina containing impurities and is a soil-like mineral. Pressing with a mineral powder briquetting machine can press the bauxite powder into a ball-shaped block to achieve the equipment required for calcination or furnace smelting.

Analysis of application prospect of mineral powder briquetting machine

1. Environmental needs

According to the development needs of the metallurgical industry, in order to reduce the environmental protection pressure of the metallurgical industry, in order to reduce environmental damage and save resources and energy, industrial enterprises need to upgrade and optimize these materials on the one hand, and also need to improve the environment through some channels. Pollution. The mineral powder briquetting machine can compress waste and powder into balls, preventing environmental pollution caused by transportation or stacking.

2, resource needs

In the past, most of the powders in China's metallurgical industry were abandoned or changed to other uses, resulting in great waste of resources. With the increasingly tight resources and energy, the utilization of powder in the metallurgical industry has received more and more attention. However, the powder cannot directly convert the smelting conversion income, so the ore powder briquetting machine is needed to press the ball into the ball to realize recycling and increase the efficiency.

3, product advantages

The mineral powder briquetting machine is a high-pressure ball press machine that does not need to add a binder. It is not only convenient to use, but also can save the company a large part of the cost of the binder, so this is also the increasingly more and more mineral powder briquetting machine. The reason why companies are loved.

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