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Improve the ball effect of the briquetting machine

The briquette ball press is a ball-forming device for powdered materials such as coal powder, coke powder, carbon powder, etc. The efficiency of the equipment operation and the effect of molding directly affect the economic benefits in the production process. Even the products of the same type of briquetting press manufacturers, the results of different users are different, efficient and durable is our pursuit, is there any secret here?

As long as the following points are achieved, not only the ball-forming effect of the briquette ball press is guaranteed, but also the efficiency of use is greatly improved.

The first point we want to emphasize is the parameter setting of the ball press. After the equipment is shipped from the factory to the installation, it can be pressed directly on the machine. We also need a debugging process, such as the determination of the magnitude of the pressure, the gap size of the rolls, and so on. Only by setting up these parameters to the most reasonable by commissioning can we make a good foundation.

The second point we want to talk about is the material problem, which is also a topic that is not annoying. The material needs to be processed through certain processes during the process from crushing to loading. The humidity should be reasonable, the particle size should be reasonable, the adhesive should be added, and the impurities should be too much equipped with equipment such as iron remover. This is a prerequisite for the quality of the molding.

For the long-term use of the briquette ball press, the manufacturer of the briquetting press machine once again reminds the late management and maintenance work that it is very important. Develop appropriate rules and regulations to regularly inspect and maintain equipment. It is equally important to maintain the ball press for proper operation.

First, press the ball machine parts inspection: open the internal cleaning inspection, and check the bearing, spiral, triangle lining, nozzle and other parts of the wear and tear, replace the bearing grease; sweep into the ball machine to shoot down the dust, in the process of dismantling Should also pay attention to dust removal, dust should be prohibited from invading the moving parts during the inspection; remove the inspection cover of the reducer to check the wear and toothing status of the gear; remove the bearing cover of the roller shaft to check the wear of the bearing; check the foundation bolt, Is the safety bolt loose and tightened.

Second, the use of ball pressure  machine equipment lubricants and inspection: the gear oil in the open gear box should invade the gear more than 60 mm; the gear reducer plus gear oil, the filling amount can enter the gear 60 mm; the roller bearing every three Open the bearing replacement grease or grease gun once a month.

Third, pressure ball machine cylinder, motor inspection: pay attention to check whether the ball screw installation screw is loose, oil quantity, motor current, bearing heat, triangle belt walking condition cylinder pressure. The oil pressure of the cylinder should be stopped for inspection. If there is temperature change, oil pressure and other reasons, the pressure change should be injected into the new oil or run back to the corrected oil pressure period to reach the specified working pressure change. If the oil pressure system leaks, it should stop immediately. , repair the oil spill and then start.

There are also some basic knowledge about productivity:

1. The pressed material composition, that is, the degree of adhesion is very important, which is related to the efficiency of the ball and has a certain influence on the productivity. Therefore, before the ball is pressed, the material is thoroughly dry-mixed to ensure smooth production.

2. The material of the pressure roller of the briquette press is very important. If only a simple material is used, it will wear out for a long time, which seriously affects the production efficiency. Therefore, it must be cautious on the selection of the key roller components.

3. The motor and reducer of the briquetting press equipment are also very important. It is necessary to see if these motors and reducers are produced by regular manufacturers, because good motors and reducers can also indirectly improve the briquetting press. Productivity.

The improvement of the production efficiency of the briquette ball press is related to many product elements. Only by ensuring the effective and normal operation of each link can the operation efficiency be gradually improved.

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