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Briquette machine motor overheating solution

For the briquetting machine, the motor is equivalent to its brain, just like our human body. After working for a long time, it will feel tired and sometimes even have a fever. The mining powder briquetting machine has a long working time, and some troubles are inevitable. In order to reduce the occurrence of the fault, this article will briefly explain.

The causes of overheating of the briquetting machine motor are:

1. The load is large.

2. poor ventilation, resulting in the heat can not be released in time.

The solution:

3. Improve the heat dissipation conditions of the motor and the ventilation environment during the production process.

4. Check the current and voltage conditions to see if the pulverized coal and other materials are too dry.

Operating procedures:

1. Boot sequence: The hydraulic station presses the bucket elevator to open the feed bin. The buried scraper transporter that supplies the hoist feeds the ball. The bulk ball returns to the screw conveyor. The main machine opens the auxiliary machine to open the feed to the ball press. The vibrating feeder opens the silo screw gate;

2. Before starting the machine, first clean the debris around the briquetting machine, check whether the bolts of the whole machine are loose or fall off. After the load is removed, the powder gun press is allowed to start;

3. Normal parking or emergency parking, contrary to the driving sequence;

4. The pressure of the hydraulic station should be controlled to 1825MPa to ensure the balling effect;

5. When feeding the briquetting machine, ensure that the electric feeder feeds evenly, and adjust the electric feeder to the effect according to the pressure of the warehouse.

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