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4 suggestions to increase the output of the ball press

The high-pressure briquetting machine is mainly used for pressing powder materials which are difficult to form, and is characterized by large molding pressure, adjustable number of revolutions of the main engine, and a screw feeding device. For the ball press equipment, even if the energy saving effect is good, the molding rate is high, but if the output is low, then everything is empty talk. How to improve the output of briquetting press is a problem that many companies are very concerned about. Next, Zhongyuan Mine will reveal how to increase the output of high-pressure briquetting press.

1. Ensure that the equipment is running without problems: When people are sick and do not want to move, the same is true for mechanical equipment. This is the most basic and most important. If there is no regular maintenance, it may cause a problem with one of the equipment, then the entire production line will not work, let alone the production problem. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out maintenance on all equipment on a regular basis, and the operation of the staff must be standardized.

2, related equipment support: some ball presses can not complete the scale of production, so companies generally will establish a pressure ball machine production line, and the production line of the composition of equipment is more, in addition to the ball press and crusher, conveyor Machines, dryers and other machinery, so the capacity of single ball presses is high, and the capacity of other components can not keep up.

3, increase the speed, but can not be blindly improved: the faster the rotation speed of the pressure roller in unit time, so the more materials are pressed, so some users will greatly increase the speed of rotation. However, this also has a drawback, that is, the strength of the briquette pellets is not up to standard. Therefore, it is possible to increase the roller speed without affecting the molding quality.

4, to ensure the smoothness of all aspects of the pressure ball production line and the university: the briquetting machine and the feeding machine, the pulverizer and other auxiliary equipment constitute the pressure ball production line, the entire production from start to finish (such as the communication and coordination of the operators, materials Supply, etc.) must be smooth.

The larger the model of the high-pressure briquetting machine, the higher the capacity per unit time, which is beyond doubt. However, some users rely on the average production requirements. If you buy a large pressure ball machine model, it is obviously a waste, and the investment amount will increase a lot.

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