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Motor performance and transmission mode of ball press

Improve motor performance

First, the stator winding is changed into a star-delta hybrid series winding, and the star-connected or delta-connected method according to the load is lightly and heavyly converted, which is beneficial to improve the magnetomotive force waveform generated by the winding and reduce the working current of the winding, thereby achieving the purpose of high efficiency and energy saving.

 Second, the reasonable adjustment of the type of coal briquetting machine motor can make the motor run in a high-efficiency working area and achieve energy-saving purposes.

 Third, the cross-section from the joint to the electric energy meter and the wire leading to the motor should meet the current carrying capacity, and the wire should be shortened as much as possible to reduce the wire resistance and reduce the loss. The above measures can be adopted separately or multiple times at the same time. In short, it takes some necessary technical energy-saving measures for the briquette briquetting machine motor, which is beneficial to the safe and stable operation of the power grid, and also enables users to reduce electricity bills.

 Fourth, improve the efficiency of the coal briquetting machine motor itself, such as changing the motor self-cooling fan to its cooling fan, can disable the cooling fan when the load is small or the outdoor motor is in winter, which is beneficial to reduce energy consumption.

 Fifth, the newly purchased briquette briquetting machine should first consider the selection of high-efficiency energy-saving motors, and then consider other performance indicators as needed to save energy.

 Sixth, the use of other continuous speed control mode. Such as the use of voltage regulator, pole-changing motor, electromagnetic coupling governor, frequency control device.

 Seventh, reasonable installation of parallel low-voltage capacitors for reactive power compensation, effectively improve the power factor, reduce reactive power loss, and save energy.

Four transmission modes

1. The briquetting machine motor drives the hard tooth surface reducer. The low speed output of the reducer is parallel to the two axes. The gear roller drives the ball roller to operate relatively. The feeding method adopts the screw propulsion and exhaust device, which is suitable for dry powder molding. This type of transmission, the roller block rotates smoothly, the gear life is long, the transmission torque is large, and the roller surface line pressure is up to 100KN or more. It is generally applied to the dry powder forming pellet production line of metallurgical and refractory enterprises. Due to the insufficient development of this type of machine in China, there are still few single machines with large output so far.

2. The motor drives the reducer, and the low-speed output shaft of the reducer is a single shaft. The coupling moves the pair of large gears on the pressure roller to move relative to each other, that is, the suspension gear. This type of transmission is commonly used by most manufacturers of briquetting machines. Due to its simple structure and low price, it is widely used in China.

3. Improved type; that is, changing the hanging gear to the gear box increases the transmission torque and increases the production volume. The price is much lower than that of the dual output shaft, which has been gradually promoted in China.

4, open transmission mode, that is, the motor directly drives several gears of open gear transmission, limited to small test or very low production use, has been gradually phased out in the domestic market.

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