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Safety production of large-scale desulfurization gypsum ball press

The rational and effective use of waste is advocated by China, and it also protects the environment. Today, large-scale desulfurization gypsum ball presses play a huge role in the waste of resources, not only to contribute, but also to increase profit margins for customers. .

Large-scale desulfurization gypsum ball press is suitable for various forms of industrial gasification, boiler type, cold-press type focus, ignition type coal, civil type coal, civil metallurgy, refractory materials, medicine and other materials. Desulfurization gypsum ball press has been used and improved for many years. Compared with other similar products, the desulfurization gypsum ball press has obvious advantages such as high pelleting rate, low power consumption, compact structure and easy maintenance. Mainly suppress all kinds of iron powder, desulfurization gypsum, iron oxide scale, steel slag, refractory materials, etc. Any material that needs to be smelted with powder needs a desulfurization gypsum ball press.

First, the three elements that need attention in the production of desulfurization gypsum ball press:

1. Due to the different size and type of coal and ball, the required pressure is also different. It is necessary to select the molding machine whose molding pressure can be adjusted according to the economic situation.

2. The core mechanical equipment of the ball press molding equipment is the forming machine, and the key component that affects the working efficiency of the forming machine is the pressure ball roller. The blank of the pressure ball roll is divided into: integral forging and casting, the casting density is small, and the structure is rough. But it is more economical. Casting has high density, compact structure, good wear resistance, long service life, good processing technology of ball groove, suitable material types, and reliable operation. Most of them are used in medium and high pressure large-scale molding machines, but the cost is high. After the manufacturing process is improved, the current equipment replacement and maintenance is more convenient, reducing the difficulty of user maintenance.

3. The ball produced must be dried before it can be sold or used. The current use is preferably high efficiency, good use of vertical dryer or flap drying equipment. The special design structure of large-scale desulfurization gypsum ball press has compact structure, convenient maintenance, simple operation, short process flow, low energy consumption and low failure rate. The main roller part adopts high-quality alloy steel material to greatly improve the wear resistance and pressure resistance. The desulfurization gypsum ball press machine has a long service life. It also better reduces the energy of the equipment and has a good effect on the protection of the environment. It is suitable for the pressing of various materials. It is characterized by large production capacity and wide application range. The larger the production capacity of the desulfurization gypsum ball press, the smaller the energy consumption, which saves the production cost for the user and greatly improves the economic benefit. Its products solve the problem that users are difficult to suppress high-humidity materials, save resources and reduce the cost of customers.

Second, in addition, in the production of ball press equipment, factors affecting safe production include environmental factors and human factors. Where is it embodied? The following is a detailed introduction.

1. Environmental factors

There are many environmental factors that affect production safety in the operation of the ball press equipment production line, such as engineering geology, meteorological conditions, noise, ventilation, lighting, etc., and these factors have complex and varied characteristics, especially meteorological conditions such as When temperature, humidity changes, or winds, heavy rain, hot weather, severe cold, etc., the operation and working efficiency of the production line will be directly affected. In severe cases, the production line will be shut down and the equipment will be damaged.
Environmental factors can be said to be objective factors affecting the safety level of the pressure ball machine production line. The objective factors are mostly unchangeable. They can only adapt to the defense measures to reduce the impact and harm.

2. Human factors

People are the creators of security, and their colleagues are also powerful destroyers. The operators directly control the operation of the equipment. If careless and careless about the management and use of equipment according to the equipment use rules, equipment damage and safety will be greatly increased. The probability of accidents will cause the production line of the ball press to stop or cause casualties, so people are the most important factors affecting the safety of the production of the ball press equipment.

However, it is considered that the factors are subjective and controllable. Therefore, to ensure the safe operation of high-pressure ball presses, ore powder ball presses and other production lines, it is necessary to take the core and use people as the driving force for safety control, and to exert human enthusiasm and creativity. Say you can start from a few points:

1. Intensify safety production publicity and education and special rectification activities for safety production, and further verify the safe production base of the ball press production line through inspection activities.

2. Analyze various factors affecting quality and safety in advance, find out the leading factors, take measures to focus on control, eliminate the quality problem in the bud, and prevent it from happening.

3. The operator should have superb technology and meticulous work style, should strictly implement the quality standards and operating procedures, with excellent work quality to ensure the safety of the production line.

4. The system of customizing, definite, and post-responsible should be implemented in accordance with the principle of man-machine fixation. Strictly analyze the quality of materials used in ball-pressing equipment, and identify problems in time to ensure quality and safety.

As a company, safety production is one of the top priorities. Because safe production not only ensures the personal safety of workers, but also ensures the normal operation of the machine. Safety production includes inspections before the machine is running, precautions during work, and maintenance knowledge. Let me take a look at the routine check before the ball press is turned on:

First, adjust the tightness of the pressure belt of the ball press, the tightness requirements; press the V-belt with the force, the droop is not more than 1 cm.

Second, adjust the gap between the two rollers of the ball press to ensure that it is the best between 0.5-1 mm. The main method is to press down or lift the iron.

Third, let the pressure ball machine empty test run, no abnormal phenomenon began to start the test load.

Fourth, inspection of the ball machine ball out of the situation, there can be no sticky roller does not release the phenomenon. If it is necessary to polish the forming rolls, the method is to repeatedly test the pressure on the machine with dry loose coal until all the mold is released.

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