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Briquetting machine failure and maintenance method

The briquetting machine is a machine used to suppress materials that are difficult to form. It is widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry and other industries. Due to wear and tear or improper operation during work, some common failures may be caused and daily production may be affected. So, in daily use, what are the faults and maintenance methods of briquetting machine? The editor summarized these issues for everyone, let's take a look.

1. The device restarts repeatedly

The repeated restart of briquetting machine is usually caused by the low power of the power supply, which is not enough to drive the block machine to work normally. When the infrared is turned on at night, the power of the camera will increase. If the power supply fails, the device will restart continuously.

Maintenance method: first use a multimeter to detect the power supply voltage of the block machine, and it must be measured when the load (block machine) is turned on to determine whether there is a power supply problem. Special attention should be paid to the fact that the power consumed by the outdoor briquetting machine when the heater is turned on and when the heater is not turned on is very different. When supplying power, the maximum power of the briquetting machine must be considered to ensure that the power supply equipment is sufficient to drive the briquetting machine to work normally.


2. Video scrolling

The video image of the briquetting machine scrolls continuously on the monitor. This phenomenon is mostly caused by the video synchronization problem.

Maintenance method: The briquetting machine mostly automatically synchronizes according to the phase in the AC power supply. The menu of the briquetting machine can be adjusted and the phase automatic synchronization function is selected. If the automatic synchronization fails due to the power phase, you can manually set the phase value in the briquetting machine menu to solve the synchronization problem.

3. Control garbled

The control of garbled codes is mostly caused by the uninterrupted transmission of garbled information due to interference on the data communication line. The interference mainly comes from the electromagnetic interference on the transmission path, and the optical transceiver may also have deviations during the photoelectric restoration.

Maintenance method: When the briquetting machine rotates irregularly, first check whether the central equipment has misoperation, and then check whether the briquetting machine menu has started the random scan mode.

4.The block rate decreases

The decrease in briquetting machine agglomeration rate may be due to insufficient material supply, which makes the briquetting machine no material to be pressed, and the hydraulic pressure is too small, so that the material is not completely compressed, and the roller skin is quenched soft and the block is deformed.

Maintenance method: insufficient material for briquetting machine should provide sufficient materials for briquetting machine; too small hydraulic pressure will make the materials incompletely pressurized, which can reduce the speed of the main engine and increase the working pressure of the system; low hardness of the roller skin will reduce the briquetting machine The forming pressure can be used to heat the surface of the roller skin or replace the roller skin; the deformation of the block will cause the shape of the material to be uneven, and the block should be replaced in time.

5.Does not fall off

The briquetting machine's non-blocking is mainly caused by insufficient pressure value and low moisture content, and the briquetting machine material has a large moisture content, insufficient pressure strength of the block embryo, and rough surface of the block nest.

Maintenance method: appropriately increase the molding pressure of the briquetting machine, increase the water content of the raw material, and polish the block socket to ensure the smoothness of the block socket surface.

6.Block nest dislocation

The cause of the dislocation of the briquetting machine block socket may be the loosening of the adjusting sleeve bolts or the loosening of the roller skin and the shaft. After the briquetting machine has been used for a long time, there will be a small gap between the roller shafts of the counter rollers when rotating, resulting in the failure of the two pairs of rollers to form a match, which will cause the briquetting machine to displace up and down the nests, and after a period of use , Affected by the impact force and equipment vibration, causing the roller to deviate axially

Maintenance method: In general, if the briquetting machine has a radial misalignment of the block socket, it can be adjusted by the block slot radial alignment device. The long waist hole of the coupling is mainly used to achieve the fine adjustment of the block socket position by adjusting the screw. . The axial misalignment of the block socket can be achieved by twisting the adjustment screw on the lower beam to make the eccentric shaft rotate slightly, so that the adjustment block on it drives the bearing seat to translate, thereby forcing the roller sleeve to move axially to achieve the block groove alignment. Purpose, and at the same time, as long as the displacement of the adjustment block does not exceed the range, the block socket can be adjusted steplessly.

The above is the introduction of briquetting machine faults and maintenance methods, I hope it can be helpful to everyone. Only by understanding the faults and solutions that the briquetting machine will have, can we better use it in daily operations and bring the briquetting machine into full play. Luoyang Zhongyuan Mining Machine Manufacture Co., Ltd. specializes in the production and sales of briquetting machines, which can be professionally customized according to customer needs. Interested parties are welcome to come to consult.

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