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The advantages of various types of crushers

Commonly used crushing machinery classifications are: jaw crusher, impact crusher, hammer crusher, compound crusher, cone crusher, roller crusher, etc. They have different advantages and are common crushing equipment in coarse aggregate production lines. So, do you know the characteristics and differences of these crushers? The editor of Zhongyuan summarized the comparison of various types of crushers for everyone, let's take a look at it together.

1. Jaw Crusher

Jaw Crusher is a widely used crushing equipment and one of the most primitive crushing machinery and equipment. There are many types of jaw crusher, among which the compound pendulum jaw crusher and its improved type are the most used, supporting the coarse crushing operation of the mine.

①Structure: It is composed of frame, eccentric shaft, large pulley, flywheel, movable jaw, side guard plate, toggle plate, toggle plate rear seat, clearance adjustment screw, return spring, fixed jaw plate and movable jaw plate, etc. The toggle plate also plays a role in insurance.

②Principle: The motor drives the belt and pulley, and the movable jaw moves up and down through the eccentric shaft. When the movable jaw rises, the angle between the toggle plate and the movable jaw becomes larger, thereby pushing the movable jaw plate to approach the fixed jaw plate, and the material is squeezed Multiple crushing such as, rubbing, and grinding; when the moving jaw moves downward, the angle between the toggle plate and the moving jaw becomes smaller, and the moving jaw plate leaves the fixed jaw plate under the action of the pull rod and spring, and the crushed material exits the lower mouth of the crushing cavity. Discharge, as the motor continuously rotates and breaks the mobile jaw for periodic crushing and discharging, realizing mass production.

③Advantages: The crushing cavity is deep and there is no dead zone, which improves the feeding capacity and output; the crushing ratio is large, suitable for coarse crushing; the gasket-type discharge opening adjustment device is stable and convenient, and the adjustment range is large, which increases the flexibility of the equipment; The lubrication system is safe and stable, the parts are easy to replace and replace, the maintenance workload is small; the structure is simple, the work is stable, and the investment cost is extremely low.

Jaw Crusher

2. Impact crusher

The impact crusher was once selected as the aggregate production equipment by the highway project, and the commercial mixing station also stipulated that the material yard must be processed by the impact crusher. But this is the past tense, but I have to admit that the impact crusher is still a commonly used stone crusher, at least in the limestone crushing production line.

① Structure: According to the number of rotors, the impact crusher is divided into two types: single rotor and double rotor. The overall structure of the counterattack is simple, which is specifically composed of a frame, a transmission mechanism, a rotor, a hammer head, and a counterattack plate.

②Principle: Use the hammer on the high-speed rotating rotor to form a high-speed impact on the material fed into the crushing cavity, causing the material to be crushed. The crushed material is thrown to the counterattack plate at the other end of the crushing cavity at high speed along the tangent direction to complete it again Broken, and then rebound from the counterattack board to the hammer, and repeat the above process again. The material enters the first, second, and third counterattack chambers from large to small to repeatedly complete the crushing. In this process, the material is hit by the blower, impacted by the counterattack plate, and the materials collide with each other, continuously forming cracks, loosening and breaking. , After crushing to the required size, it is discharged from the discharge port.

③Advantages: wide range of applicable materials; strong flexibility in discharging granularity adjustment; simple structure, convenient maintenance, easy removal and replacement of wearing parts; high production efficiency and good product shape.

3.Cone crusher

Cone crusher is relatively late in research and development compared to other crushing equipment, but it is a well-designed equipment. There are many types of cone crushers. After continuous research and development and improvement, the adaptation of raw materials includes several categories: spring cone crusher, hydraulic cone crusher, hydraulic cone crusher is divided into single cylinder, multi-cylinder, compound cone crusher and so on.

①Structure: Different types of cone crushers have different structures. We take a multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher as an example to complete a brief introduction. The details include the frame part, the support sleeve part, the adjustment ring part, the movable cone part, the eccentric sleeve part, and the transmission part. It is combined with the seven components of the safety device. The main shaft is fixed, the motor drives the transmission shaft to rotate, and the transmission shaft drives the eccentric sleeve to rotate around the main shaft through a gear, and then the eccentric sleeve drives the cone to swing in an eccentric circle to achieve continuous crushing. stone.

② Principle: The motor drives the transmission shaft of the equipment through the pulley and the V-belt. The transmission shaft drives the eccentric sleeve to rotate around the main shaft through the bevel gears. On the mortar wall, the material is continuously squeezed, impacted and broken in the crushing cavity formed by the rolling mortar wall and the broken wall, and the broken material is discharged from the lower part.

③Advantages: It adopts the optimized structure of fixed main shaft and small spherical shaft, which is 5%-15% higher than the efficiency of the old spring cone crusher; the perfect combination design of crushing stroke, crushing speed and crushing cavity shape is better than the old spring cone crusher. The output is 35%-60% higher; the unique lamination crushing principle is adopted to form the crushing effect between the particles, the needle-like stones are reduced, and the grain size is more uniform; when there are hard objects such as iron that cannot be broken into the machine , The over-iron protection device will automatically release it, and then reset immediately.

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