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What is the internal structure of the compound crusher?

The internal structure of a compound crusher, also known as a vertical combination crusher, is composed of several key components, including:


The rotor is the main working part of the compound crusher, and it is composed of a spindle, a disc, and a hammerhead. The hammerhead is firmly fixed on the spindle and rotates with it.

compound crusher


The impeller is attached to the upper end of the spindle and rotates at high speed to generate centrifugal force, which throws the materials into the crushing chamber.

Crushing chamber

The crushing chamber is the space where the materials are crushed. It is composed of a liner plate and an impact plate.

Liner plate

The liner plate is fixed on the inner wall of the crushing chamber and is designed to protect the crushing chamber from wear and tear caused by the impact of the materials.

compound crusher

Impact plate

The impact plate is located at the top of the crushing chamber and is designed to receive the materials thrown by the impeller. The impact plate is also responsible for redirecting the materials and ensuring that they are evenly distributed in the crushing chamber.

Adjustment device

The compound crusher is equipped with an adjustment device that can be used to adjust the gap between the impact plate and the rotor, thereby controlling the size of the crushed materials.

Overall, the internal structure of a compound crusher is designed to maximize the efficiency of the crushing process and to ensure the machine's durability and reliability.

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