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Improve crusher production efficiency

The crusher is an indispensable equipment in the mineral processing industry, mainly used for coarse and medium crushing of materials. For mining companies, how to ensure greater production potential and create better benefits in the use of equipment is a topic that every company cares about. This article will make the following analysis on how to improve the production efficiency of the crusher and give suggestions for improvement. I hope to help everyone!

First, understand the properties of the material

Including its hardness, water content, density, etc., only the material and equipment conditions can be highly matched to make the equipment more productive. Because the crusher processes a large variety of materials, it must be processed during the processing of the material. Pre-treatment to ensure that the equipment is more productive.

Second, keep the parameters of the tight side discharge port unchanged

If you want stable sandstone product output, quality and production line load, the first thing to ensure is that the parameters of the crusher's tight side discharge port are unchanged, otherwise it will easily lead to an unexpected increase in the particle size of the product, which will affect the entire production line system and output.

Third, ensure that the feed is evenly "full cavity" operation

When the feed is unstable, “satisfaction” when “hungry” is easy to cause damage to the product output, poor grain size, and easy damage to the equipment, so it is necessary to ensure the uniformity and consistency of the feed during the work. Sex.

Fourth, the feed drop point is aligned with the center point of the crusher inlet

Once the drop point is eccentric, one side of the crushing chamber is full and the other side has no material or less material, which will result in lower crusher throughput, increased needle-shaped products, and large product particle size. In the long run, problems such as tilting of the adjusting ring, lifting, and damage to the base will result, resulting in greater production losses.

Five, the speed of the rotor

Among the parameters of the compound crusher, the suspension position of the counterattack has a great influence on the performance of the crusher. After the equipment is selected, other parameters have been determined. Only the suspension parameters of the counterattack are adjustable. During production, the machine should be adjusted at any time according to the actual situation to adjust the machine to a good working condition.

The above is related to the improvement of the crusher production efficiency. The factors affecting different equipment and materials are also different. We need to make specific adjustments for specific problems. More programs are welcome to call us.

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