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Application of briquetting machine in steel industry

High-pressure briquetting machine is a kind of ball-making equipment capable of forcing all kinds of dry and wet powders into the rolling zone by pre-pressing device to make high bulk density. It is mainly used for metallurgy, coal, mining, refractory materials, building materials, etc. Light metal industry. This article will introduce the application in the steel industry.

First, metallurgical lime is used as a “slag-forming agent” for steelmaking, and its importance has gradually gained people's attention and recognition. It not only affects the smelting process of molten steel, but also directly affects the final quality of molten steel. The high-quality "active lime" with good quality, fast response and thorough slag has been widely used in the world to replace the "ordinary lime" used in the past, laying a foundation for smelting high-quality molten steel. The application of active lime accelerates the smelting and smelting speed, shortens the smelting time, reduces the consumption of ton steel and lime, reduces the incorporation of impurities, greatly improves the quality of molten steel, and brings significant comprehensive benefits to the steel industry. A consensus has been formed. However, lime produces a large amount of powdered lime during the production process. Therefore, the powdered lime is pressed into a certain particle size by a high pressure ball press to replace the bulk lime.

Second, the role of fluorite powder in steelmaking, fluorite powder contains halogen element fluorine, which can reduce the melting point of refractory substances, promote slag flow, make slag and metal separate well, desulfurization and de-smelting in smelting process Phosphorus enhances the metal's calcinability and tensile strength. Therefore, it is widely used as a flux in steel smelting and ferroalloy production, ironmaking processes and non-ferrous metal smelting. High-quality acid-grade fluorite is also used in electric furnaces to produce high-quality special steels and special alloy steels, and a small portion is used as a casting agent for the steel foundry industry. Now with the scarcity of resources, there are fewer and fewer high-grade lump ore. At present, most of the low-grade fluorite ore is milled, floated, and dried. The binder is pressed into a ball by a high-pressure ball press to replace the lump ore.

Third, Luo iron powder, electrolytic manganese ball and other alloy powder balls
With the development of society, the demand for special materials is increasing, and various alloy blocks need to be added in the special steelmaking process. The traditional method uses electric furnace melting and casting into blocks, which belongs to the high energy consumption industry. The metal powder ball press solves this problem very well. Its low energy consumption, high efficiency and flexible production have been recognized by everyone.

To sum up: Steel companies have a lot of work to do in optimizing allocation, conserving resources, interoperating materials, and improving efficiency, through the exchange of by-products and waste between members, the gradual utilization of energy and water, infrastructure and Sharing of other facilities to achieve overall economic and environmental performance. The use of equipment such as ball presses can comprehensively reuse various waste materials in the steel industry, reduce waste of resources, and realize a circular economy to improve the profitability of enterprises.

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