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Lime briquetting machine roll skin replacement method

The roll skin is the core component of the lime briquetting machine, and its importance is known to be even more crucial. If the roll skin of a piece of equipment has problems in production, it is quite as serious as the stoppage of the heart part of our body. Therefore, if there is a problem with the roll skin, it must be replaced in time. This article will introduce the disassembly and installation techniques of the briquetting machine roll.

First, disassembly

1. The power must be turned off and the main switch can be turned on.

2. After the power is turned off, hang the “maintenance” warning sign in a conspicuous position.

3. Firstly, the lubrication pump is subjected to pressure relief treatment, and the ore belt pull rope switch is pulled well, the belt head pumice is cleaned, the lower mouth cover is removed, the large pot, the cover plate, the fixed cone dust cover and the like are four pieces. . During the lifting process, the crane must be directed by a special person and strictly abide by the lifting operation rules.

4. If the old liner can't be taken down, it can be cut by gas welding and the inner surface of the rack can be cleaned.

Second, the installation

There are 4 ways to install, you can compare your own ball press to install the appropriate method.

1. Bolt fastening method, that is, the sleeve and the hub are designed with bolt holes, which are tightened with refined high-strength bolts. This method is beneficial to the on-site disassembly and assembly of the roller sleeve, wet medium and low pressure ball press, kaolin pressure ball. There are many applications.

2, cone set method, that is, the sleeve or the hub design has a taper, relying on the middle taper sleeve to tighten, this form is conducive to the disassembly and assembly of the roller sleeve, applied to the medium and low pressure ball press.

3. Tightly fit the hot-packing method, that is, the roller sleeve with the ball socket is heated and then loaded onto the hub. This assembly form has high processing precision, strict processing temperature control, and must have special equipment when replacing, generally used for high pressure ball press Strong ball press.

4. Key coupling assembly mode: the shaft and the roller sleeve have key grooves, and the shaft and the sleeve are connected by the key. Since the key groove and the thread are opened on the shaft, the diameter of the spindle of the ball pressing machine device is slightly larger than the shaft diameter of the keyless assembly form.

After all the operations are completed, the machine will be disconnected for trial operation. After the air machine has been running for a period of time, it is normal to add materials to start the operation. Remind everyone that when the roll skin is long or damaged, it must be replaced in time to avoid the production of the product that does not meet the predetermined conditions, resulting in waste of raw materials.

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