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Description of the briquetting machine assembly

The high pressure ball press machine is mainly composed of: motor, hard surface, double shaft, reducer, elastic coupling, gear coupling, main machine, pre-press, hydraulic station, electrical control system and so on.

ball press machine

1. Transmission: The motor-elastic coupling-hard-tooth double-shaft reducer-gear coupling is driven by two pressure rollers.

2. The host: The main machine is mainly composed of the press roller assembly, frame, oil cylinder and gap adjustment device.

3.Press roller assembly: Pressure roller material: GCr15SiMn, surface hardness after final heat treatment is not lower HRC58-62. The pressure roller unit assemblyadopts one fixed endone fixed structure.

4. The rack: The frame is composed of the upper beam, the lower beam and the supporting beam to the beam, the all of which adopted the welded structure and the large bearing of the large capacity bearing the capacity of Finishing on all the sides with all racks

5. Pre-press: The pre-pressing machine is mainly composed of a motor, a reducer, a cone, a pre-pressing spiral, a guiding, nozzle, and the like like Pre-compressed motor speed is a speed-less motor. speed regulation. Pre-pressed spirals working surface surfacing welding wear-resistant alloys electrode There is is a reliable sealing sealing between the guide guide part of the pre-press and the two sides of the the press of the press of rollers to the rollers of the rollers of the rollers.

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