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Intensive mixer equipment structure

The intensive mixer is mainly used for mixing work between materials and binders and water. The mixed material is sent to a ball press for molding.

The powerful mixer mainly consists of: transmission system, rotor shaft, cylinder frame, electronic control system and so on.

Powerful mixer

1. Transmission system: Driven by motor - hardened gear reducer - gear coupling.

2. Rotor shaft

(1) The rotor shaft is composed of a bearing, a bearing housing, a shaft, a kneading tool, and the like.

(2) The bearing adopts double row spherical roller bearing and thrust spherical roller bearing.

(3) The blade is made of special materials, and the surface is treated by tungsten carbide welding process, and the surface hardness can reach above HRC55.

Arranged at a certain angle on the main shaft, and the main shaft is detachable structure, which can be repaired or replaced when worn.

3. Cylinder

(1) The cylinder is welded with low carbon steel and the material is Q235-A, which has sufficient strength and rigidity.

(2) The inspection door is arranged on the cylinder, and is divided into two parts, the upper and lower cylinders, which are detachable and easy to install and overhaul.

4. Parameter table

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